Today is cake, craft, and coffee day with GoD Lady (plus a Sheep and H this week). Yes a Sheep. We have a friend who is secretly a sheep in a people suit.  There are clues to his real identity, but they are subtle and you’d never think he was really a sheep if you walked past him in the street.

I have no idea what to take with me to do. I’ve run out of blocked blanket squares after doing 2×16 panels. and it’s too late to block more, so I can’t do that.There are too many little balls of yarn (and big ones) to make crocheting more squares and option, so I cant do that.

I could do the other shrug sleeve, but I don’t want to, plus I’d actually have to pay attention. So, no to that.

Gloves of Doom? OMG WTSF, NO! I need DAYS to look at that before I attempt it.

I want to have enough yarn spun, and to reckeck all the wpi, before I start Dandelion…

I have plying to do but I can’t take that with me as it’s really not so portable.

I guess that leaves a spindle and some spinning… but Merino or Shetland?

See this is where it’d be really handy to have.. I dunno.. something small like…  A SOCK on the needles for something easy to take with me.


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