I’m Not Grumpy, I’m Crotchety!

I decided to have a big push on getting my blanket finished. Seems sewing those squares together last week really gave me a kick up the behooky (bottom) and inspired me to get more done.

I currently have all of the remaining 32 first round centres done, 13 of those have the second round done, and I also have some of the finished squares blocking.

I was hoping to get more pictures up, but the sun was obliterated by some big black clouds. The colours in the pictures taken with the flash just look so flat and cold in comparison, I deleted them.

The clouds are getting bigger and blacker by the second, I dont hold out much hope for any more good daylight, nor do I hold out much hope for remaining dry when I head out to the supermarket.



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2 responses to “I’m Not Grumpy, I’m Crotchety!

  1. Wow! That looks absolutely amazing! Kudos from one granny square blanket maker to the other 🙂

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