If Crocheting Was a Noise

I’d be making a cacophony!

I’ve been crocheting my little fingers to the bone. Out of the 35 granny squares I had left to make, I have finished 11 and the 24 left now all have 3 rounds complete. Go me!

Now if only they were all blocked.

I only have space on my board for 14 at a time, so it’s going to take a while, and they take a day to dry and set properly. There are still 91/144 to be blocked, I reckon if I do a batch every day I can get them done in a week., however with other stuff going on realistically I’m looking at 2 weeks.

In other news I ordered 100 pod/bags for my coffee maker yesterday. Much as I’d prefer a proper espresso maker, I did kill 2 of them in less than 4 years. The first one, was on sale, it had tendency to leak water all over the  bunker (counter), eventually it got really bad so I dumped it. I spent double the money on the next one (170 pounds (no pound sign on this netbook)). The gasket in the boiling chamber went. More water everywhere (and not a drop of coffee to drink). I do miss the milk steamer. I struggled along with my trusty French press and a stovetop espresso maker, and decided expensive coffee machines were not for me. My mum had a Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee maker, she’d had it for years, so I decided it was probably the most indestructible coffee maker in the universe and added it to my Amazon Wishlist, discussing it all with the Lovely Bloke. With no job, I planned to spend any Christmas and birthday money on one (my birthday is in January so not long to wait if I didn’t have enough from Christmas), but Lovely Blokes are lovely and he bought me one as part of my Christmas. The ‘official’ pods are fairly expensive, but Lidl (cheap euro supermarket) do their own (Good Housekeeping Award winning) make, so I spend about the same on those that I did on actual coffee, bonus!

So far I haven’t managed to break it.


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