No more Crocheting for a While

I finished the blanket squares on Saturday.  It was a bit of an anticlimax, as all I could think about was blocking them and sewing them together. I’m hoping to have the blocking part done this week. I really need to count how many there are left and then I’d know how many times I’d need to fill the board – it takes 14 squares which is lucky as I only have enough berry pins to pin out 14 squares. Although I’ve sewn 3 panels already, I’ve decided to wait until all the squares are blocked before I sew any more. I want to make sure that I have a good spread of colours.

Two years ago I bought a kitten, she was a tiny terror, she’s still a terror, but much less tiny. Two years ago I had a huge goosefoot plant. My gran also had one, she told my uncle that when she passed I was to get hers. I’d ended up buying a huge pot and I replanted both into it.. then the kitten happened. She was obsessed with digging it up, I replanted bits, but eventually she’d broken so much of it it wasn’t worth doing, then I caught her peeing in it… I flushed the soil  through about 10 times then I placed a board over the top. The kitten went into heat just after that, and I could only afford to get her fixed at the PDSA (charity vet). They had a 3 month wait. The kitten pee’d outside the litter tray every time she went into heat. Luckily not on the carpet, though I did end up with much dirtier laundry, and it was a battle to keep her out of the plant pot. The plant survived, but it really wasn’t well. Last year it produced only about 5 new leaves. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be the same. It looked pathetic, this tiny plant in an enormous pot. This year it’s going a bit mad, it’s throwing out leaves like there is no tomorrow. Finally there were enough leaves I could take a cutting, and it rooted! It’s still not filling the pot like it used to, but I know it’ll get there. It was odd, when I thought the plant might die it felt like losing my gran all over again, now I feel like she’ll never be totally gone.


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