Reader Beware

From my stats page, it looks like there are about 10 of you reading regularly. Some people might be sad with that number of visitors, but I am gobsmackingly delighted that ANYONE wants to read what I write!

I am especially shocked (in a good way) that people take the time to hit the like button, and I LOVE it when I get comments.

If you have time I’d like to invite you all to say hello and ask me a question (I reserve the right to tell you to mind your own beeswax, or to overshare). Remember I have a LOAD of housework to do today and you would be giving me the opportunity to procrastinate for a few minutes before I move on to the next task. I love it when I type hosework instead of housework, it either makes me sound like a gardener or some kind of Mafia beaterupper *hides rubber hose*.

Let the tidying dusting and vaccumming begin! Oh and the kitties’ litter trays.. and the laundry.. and floor mopping and bed sheet changing…


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