Definitely a Bit Soft in the Head

Maybe I’m just a bit crafted out. I’m having difficulty reconciling the fact that I am ridiculously and pant-wettingly excited about knitting Dandelion with yarn I MADE, and having not a huge amount of knitting mojo to actually pick it up and knit it. I keep looking at it and stroking it and being amazed by how lovely it is and all that, but moving the needles and doing the knitting isn’t happening.

I started it on Wednesday, and I know I have been busy and finishing the blanket and going on courses and applying for the joblike things, and cooking and cleaning but I’m not even at the arm decreases yet! It’s sitting beside the sofa and I get an *ooooh* feeling when I look at it, but here I am blogging about not knitting it and still NOT KNITTING IT!

Definitely a bit soft in the head….


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