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First Glove of Doom is done but for the fingers and I have cast on the second!

After all the messing about and the confusion, they turned out to be remarkably straight forward. I’m not saying I could knit the second one in my sleep, but less traumatic than they appeared. The secret was to just knit them and not think about it too much.

I also started dupe stitching the second flower, if I take it in little bits it should be OK. One of the first things I need to do when I get a job is get new glasses!

Today will be a day of jobstuff, washing dishes and a bit of food shopping. I used the last of the coffee. NOOOOO! Technically, I used the last pod, and there are beans that I can grind, but still ARRGH! The pods are much less faffy and troublesome, and the machine makes a cup (not a mug) with no muss or fuss. I have 2 cups first thing, and although that equates to a mug, it’s just not the same at all.

If I have time with all that I might make some more Bourbon biscuits. Although since I ate ALL of the last batch in about 2 days this may not be cunning. I really don’t eat much of my own baking. I get a notion to either eat something or bake something, I make it, eat one or 2 pieces then proceed to feed it to all and sundry, as my sweet tooth is easily satisfied. Not so with these babies. I ate all ten and wanted MORE!


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