Voice recognition

Decided to try blogging using the tablet voice recognition software. It may be a bit stream of consciousness as I can’t work out how to punctuate.  I’ll probably intervene though as it will drive me mad.

Today I managed to finish reknitting the back of my Dandelion. Its currently blocking. I have also cast on the first front.

My knitting mojo is still missing but I’m hoping it will find me soon if I persevere.

I really, really wish I knew how to punctuate using this system.

I also cast on and knit about 100 rows of another Kiri shawl. The English version of the pattern has disappeared from the website, actually the whole website is gone, but I managed to find a cached version.

I found myself looking at more patterns today but manage to restrain myself by thinking of the many, many unfinished projects I still have lying around.

Enough, have punctuated and corrected the horrendous and amusing errors. One day I’ll post the computer generated as it comes, alongside what I actually said.


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