Mackerel and cabbage

These are both foods I hated as a child. I would have done anything to avoid them, even once claiming to not have seen the cabbage on my plate during a power cut. Now I am older the once horribly bitter veg tastes fresh and sweet – and mackerel, as long as it’s peppered and smoked is my current addiction. Having had it two nights running for dinner I’d happily eat it again tonight.

Part of me does wonder though, how much of that is my body talking to me. When my mum went through her menopause she craved oily fish, in her case it was herring (a fish you will still never see me eat – blech) in oatmeal. Studies show that oily fish does seem to help with menopause symptoms, and I’m wondering having randomly bought and eaten mackerel, if my body is recognising the benefits and making me want to eat more.

Or maybe I just like the taste.


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