Again with the not blogging for ages….

Knitting hasn’t been happening. Not much to tell on that front, sorry.

I’ve been on a diet, still am actually. Having lost 8lb on my own I reckoned it was going to get harder, so I joined Weight Watchers with my friend K. I’ve lost a further 11.5lb.

Today I’m having a mahoosive wardrobe clear out. Some stuff has already gone to K, but we don’t have exactly the same taste, so will donate a whole load to charity. There are a few favourites I’m sad to see go – a beautiful skirt from Phase Eight and one from Wallis. There are a few summer things I know won’t do next year, but I’m traumatised enough. I even threw out SHOES that I felt I’d never wear again. Lying down in a darkened room may be in order.


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