Back to the knitting

Still slogging through the Kiri shawl. I only started it so that I could help a friend knit it, then she decided to go with another pattern. I’m on the 12th repeat – which is as many as I did on the other version I did in lace weight – the one kidnapped by a certain GoD lady (must sew in ends of this one). I am wondering how many more repeats to do, or can stand to do. Although it’s quite a relaxing knit, I am getting bored.

The Dandelion is nearly done, I just have to crochet the edging on one sleeve, and find buttons. It’s still a bit big though – I have lost so much weight since I cast it on – even in the smaller size.

I definitely do not have enough brain to attempt the Gloves of Doom, or Daisy.

Other knitting things include dressing the rabbit I knitted for J’s grandson, at this rate he’ll be starting school before he has a waistcoat and jacket – the rabbit, not the child.


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