Slow going

Hands, wrists and shoulders sore (other joints too, but they don’t impact knitting). I’ve managed a few rows a day (have to stop after one and do more later) and have finally finished 14 repeats of the kiri. Starting the edging, not because I need to yarnwise, but because I feel like I’ll never actually get it finished otherwise.

I have bought these patterns, and this and downloaded a few free shawl ones. I have one of Romi’s 7 small shawls booklets already, although I haven’t got round to knitting any (quelle surprise), I do like the patterns, and I have plenty of single skeins to use up. I also like the idea of getting the updates, it’s like a series of small presents over the course of the subscription.

Busy week this week. More Christmas cards needed and need posted, fudge & biscuits need made and bagged, presents need bought and wrapped for Sunday, and I have drinks, dinner, lunch, fat club and the family do to fit in. I’m sure I’m forgetting something…probably more than just one thing, as my brain is still mince. Next week will be quieter.

Hrt continues to be problematic, along with the joints, eyes driving me nuts with their lack of focus, tired a lot and sleep still disturbed, we’ll see whet my GP says on Thursday.


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