How can it be Thursday already?

The title bears no relation to the post.

So the Kiri shawl has about 2 rows left and the cast off, but I haven’t picked it up in about a week. I’d like to be able to say this is because I have been so busy knitting other things or spinning some of the mountain of fibre I have (thank you GoD lady). It’s not. Then again I have finished my Christmas shopping, tackled a laundry full size replica of Ben Nevis and defrosted my fridge/freezer (there’s no room in there for even a frozen bag of mouse farts btw). I think partly it’s because when I finish it I’ll need to block it, and I really can’t be bothered…

Talking of the fridge/freezer, I need a new one, I have ice forming in the fridge part, I thought it was because it needed defrosting, but it’s still doing it. Can’t really complain, it’s 11 years old, but the freezer is full and I’ll need to eat my way through the contents. Looks like I’ll be eating a lot of home made soup in January. I’m quite proud of the fact that there’s not a single ready meal in there, and the only ‘bought’ things are vegetables and raw meat and fish… Oh and a bottle of good vodka… Now there’s a thought… Wonder if vodka has a freezer life? May need to finish it as it’s been in there for about a year, there are only 2 or 3 shots left.


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