In the deep midwinter…

Snuggled in bed with a cup of coffee. It’s pretty blustery outside, but today I must go out. Yesterday was so wet and windy I changed my mind about leaving the flat, however, needs must. Normally on a Saturday, my alarm goes off at 8am so I can poddle about and be at fat club by 10, but WW is closed this week, and so I have the day to myself. Unlike everyone else seems to, I didn’t shop for the apocalypse before Christmas. I bought food for a couple of days, and it was all eaten. I have a freezer full, but haven’t taken anything out (oops). So some food is required, for me and the cats.
Talking of cats, my elderly lady is now on thyroid medication, She gave me quite a scare, by having a bit of an attack from the stress of the vet. Seems her over active thyroid has affected her heart, however the vet is fairly confident  that as her levels get better, her heart will too. Even after 3 days she does seem to be calmer, and the frantic purr has returned to normal.
Hope Santa was good to you all, he was to me.


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