Happy New Year

I started the year with a bloke, by the end of Ne’er Day (New Year’s Day), I’d asked him to go. I’m not regretting my decision, I do regret the way I did it. However, at the time it was the only way I could do it.
When someone is being self destructive, and you have tried to talk to them and they ignore you. When you tell them that you won’t stay around and watch them self destruct and they don’t take you seriously. When even after that, you talk to them several times and point out they are still on the same path, they won’t hear you. Then eventually something snaps.
I snapped, threw all the stuff he kept here in to bin bags, and told him I had had enough and it and he had to go.
I have enough self destruct of my own to deal with, I don’t need extra. I don’t need the worry and stress.

Happy New Year.


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