Flump, slump.

I think I’ve been running on stress and adrenaline since I bought the cooker last week. I have been pushing myself to do things, not sleeping well and generally over extending.
On the plus, I have a clean flat, new tiling, a new cooker (installed and dinner cooked using it) and feel a sense of accomplishment.
On the down side since the cooker arrived today, I have slumped. I am really tired, I have pain, hips, feet, shoulders, hands, wrists, and a head ache. I nearly didn’t make dinner as it seemed too much bother. I’ve discovered yet more dermatitis. I can’t concentrate, so no knitting, no reading. I am officially taking tomorrow off.
Off to bed soon, then tomorrow the only things I am doing are feeding me and the cats, and things to relax. I was going to make biscuits, but they can wait.


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