Very bored

Not in general, just with this stupid infection. Two flipping weeks on and off, it seems to be gone and then wham. Hoping this second course of antibiotics will kill it dead. The Out of Hours doctor was great, no nonsense and to the point, the hour wait wasn’t so brilliant, but needs must. Thankfully the chemist was open at Ocean Terminal.

One thing about mostly being tethered to the flat, is that you have a fair amount of knitting time. I have knit one shawl this week, and started another. I haven’t Ravelry’d them yet so no links and no also no pictures taken. The 3 in 1 is on a break. We haven’t fallen out I’m just a bit tired of constant knit stitch (I totally don’t have spring startitis and if I do, I’m sure these antibiotics will cure it soon…).


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