Bananas and orange squash

These seem to be making up a large part of my diet the last few days.

Orange squash to relieve the boredom, of what feels like gallons, of water, and bananas as I have to take my pills with food, and given they make me feel sick, and I am on a diet, a banana wins as palatable, non-vom-inducing food for first thing and last thing of the day.

Not entirely convinced, these pills are the right pills. Course 3 of something else might be required, but at least they can do tests and make sure that one is right.

All knitting has lost its shine. I have been snuggling cats and watching films and TV.

Joints also misbehaving so, although not utterly miserable, I can’t say that I am full of the joys of spring.

Not even the promise of a fridge (next Tuesday) that won’t freeze anything unlucky enough to make it to the back of a shelf cheers me… Although the scent of the subsequent Waitrose order to fill it and the freezer is starting to make my nose twitch.


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