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Note to self

Knit previous 2 rows 6 more times, is 12 rows, not 6.




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Why there’s no point posting photos of lace…

I like posting pictures. I think having a picture of something pretty (or tasty) in a post makes it more interesting, you can see exactly what I’ve done, or am doing. How far I’ve got on the project, the colour.. the yumminess. Lace, though, mostly just looks rubbish, someone else once said “lace just looks like a pile of sick before it’s blocked” and I agree wholeheartedly.


The above is some lovely lace, even if I say so myself, but all you can see is some kind of lumpy knitting. Hence there will be no photos of Hemlock until it’s finished, and blocked (well, maybe whilst blocking, but you get my drift).

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Serious case of sausage fingers

Small amounts of knitting have been done. Yesterday I helped GoD lady sort out some issues with knitting on prescription drugs. I also fixed a dropped stitch in my Hemlock.

Seriously, dropping a stitch? I really rarely do this. Recently though I have had a rash of them. Remember my sister’s birthday present? Now the Hemlock, and I picked up my 3in1 today and what did I see? Yup yet another dropped stitch. Admittedly the Amitriptyline makes me a little foggy at times, and the pain/pins and needle/numb feeling in my hands means I’m not as dexterous. Today I feel like I have big fat sausage fingers, I keep missing keys on the keyboard, because my fingers aren’t exactly where I think they are.

Ho hum, onwards and upwards…

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Another cake..


I know this looks very much like the last cake, but it’s very different, even down to the method.
This is this recipe, except I made it with lemons. It is right on the border of being too lemony, but it works fine for me.

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Tasty, tasty cake


Utilising the new oven for making cake.

Might try making this mix into cupcakes. Have already made a pear one.

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