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Serious case of sausage fingers

Small amounts of knitting have been done. Yesterday I helped GoD lady sort out some issues with knitting on prescription drugs. I also fixed a dropped stitch in my Hemlock.

Seriously, dropping a stitch? I really rarely do this. Recently though I have had a rash of them. Remember my sister’s birthday present? Now the Hemlock, and I picked up my 3in1 today and what did I see? Yup yet another dropped stitch. Admittedly the Amitriptyline makes me a little foggy at times, and the pain/pins and needle/numb feeling in my hands means I’m not as dexterous. Today I feel like I have big fat sausage fingers, I keep missing keys on the keyboard, because my fingers aren’t exactly where I think they are.

Ho hum, onwards and upwards…


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Today has driven me up the wall.

My tablet died again. I eventually managed to fix it, but I had so much to do today, and ran out of brain. I had to walk away, eat something and have coffee, then clean the fridge before going back to the computer. I did then manage to fix it, but, I am not entirely sure it’s not going to die again.

Fridge and freezer are defrosted. Dinner has been eaten with chocolate following as I needed something to make up for such a crappy day. Now I am going to take my meds, and crawl into bed, as I need to be up so early tomorrow for the new fridge freezer delivery. I am utterly exhausted. Looking forward to chilling out tomorrow night.

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I blame the drugs

So, I’ve just started taking amitriptyline for pain. The side effects will improve as I keep taking it, but yesterday, after taking it for the first time the night before, was challenging. So spaced early in the day, then so tired later. I tried knitting, it took a huge amount of concentration, and it felt oddly alien. Which was a bit weird.

Today I woke up feeling a bit dizzy, and oddly numb round the edges. Thankfully, there’s not much needs doing. I did manage to fix the knitting I attempted yesterday, but it was a total brain strain, so maybe I should leave the knitting for a bit.

Distracted by thoughts of my new fridge freezer, I’m also distracted by defrosting the old one, and making an online grocery order to fill said new appliance….

Me? Losing focus? Nah….

Oh look, flying monkies…

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Bananas and orange squash

These seem to be making up a large part of my diet the last few days.

Orange squash to relieve the boredom, of what feels like gallons, of water, and bananas as I have to take my pills with food, and given they make me feel sick, and I am on a diet, a banana wins as palatable, non-vom-inducing food for first thing and last thing of the day.

Not entirely convinced, these pills are the right pills. Course 3 of something else might be required, but at least they can do tests and make sure that one is right.

All knitting has lost its shine. I have been snuggling cats and watching films and TV.

Joints also misbehaving so, although not utterly miserable, I can’t say that I am full of the joys of spring.

Not even the promise of a fridge (next Tuesday) that won’t freeze anything unlucky enough to make it to the back of a shelf cheers me… Although the scent of the subsequent Waitrose order to fill it and the freezer is starting to make my nose twitch.

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Very bored

Not in general, just with this stupid infection. Two flipping weeks on and off, it seems to be gone and then wham. Hoping this second course of antibiotics will kill it dead. The Out of Hours doctor was great, no nonsense and to the point, the hour wait wasn’t so brilliant, but needs must. Thankfully the chemist was open at Ocean Terminal.

One thing about mostly being tethered to the flat, is that you have a fair amount of knitting time. I have knit one shawl this week, and started another. I haven’t Ravelry’d them yet so no links and no also no pictures taken. The 3 in 1 is on a break. We haven’t fallen out I’m just a bit tired of constant knit stitch (I totally don’t have spring startitis and if I do, I’m sure these antibiotics will cure it soon…).

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Om nom nom…


They worked ot well (as far as I can tell anyway). Not too sweet. Yum.

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Baking biscuits

New oven and a new recipe might not work out being my best idea…

But these look interesting. Oh and add into the above, using gluten free flour…

Glutton for punishment. Obviously!

Look out for photos later….

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