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Photos of FOs

The Set Sail top and Makiko cowl.


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March 18, 2014 · 11:31

Cutting it fine


Just cast off the second Dandelion front, as you can see there wasn’t a lot of the ball of yarn left. Now for soaking and pinning.

Still have the sleeves to go. I really hate sleeves, as I read somewhere yesterday, you knit forever and they never grow, so you knit more, and suddenly they’re an inch longer than you intended.

If I get *this* cardi done, I hope it will inspire me to finish off a few more of the unfinished projects lurking in my stash….

GoD anyone?


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No more Crocheting for a While

I finished the blanket squares on Saturday.  It was a bit of an anticlimax, as all I could think about was blocking them and sewing them together. I’m hoping to have the blocking part done this week. I really need to count how many there are left and then I’d know how many times I’d need to fill the board – it takes 14 squares which is lucky as I only have enough berry pins to pin out 14 squares. Although I’ve sewn 3 panels already, I’ve decided to wait until all the squares are blocked before I sew any more. I want to make sure that I have a good spread of colours.

Two years ago I bought a kitten, she was a tiny terror, she’s still a terror, but much less tiny. Two years ago I had a huge goosefoot plant. My gran also had one, she told my uncle that when she passed I was to get hers. I’d ended up buying a huge pot and I replanted both into it.. then the kitten happened. She was obsessed with digging it up, I replanted bits, but eventually she’d broken so much of it it wasn’t worth doing, then I caught her peeing in it… I flushed the soil  through about 10 times then I placed a board over the top. The kitten went into heat just after that, and I could only afford to get her fixed at the PDSA (charity vet). They had a 3 month wait. The kitten pee’d outside the litter tray every time she went into heat. Luckily not on the carpet, though I did end up with much dirtier laundry, and it was a battle to keep her out of the plant pot. The plant survived, but it really wasn’t well. Last year it produced only about 5 new leaves. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be the same. It looked pathetic, this tiny plant in an enormous pot. This year it’s going a bit mad, it’s throwing out leaves like there is no tomorrow. Finally there were enough leaves I could take a cutting, and it rooted! It’s still not filling the pot like it used to, but I know it’ll get there. It was odd, when I thought the plant might die it felt like losing my gran all over again, now I feel like she’ll never be totally gone.

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Happy 2011

So, there was a dearth of knitting over Christmas and New Year, BUT I did manage to finish the Clothilde! I will do pics once it’s blocked.

Now I need to decide to get on with my other WsIP. I still have the Coat, the back is aaaaaalmost done; I need to measure it and just do the few rows and cast it off. I am knitting a wrap, very badly. It has rib and my transitions from K to P are atrocious – all loose and gapey. Not sure if I should frog it and start over, or just keep going, after having looked at solutions. I fear the silk embrace won’t frog well, so, it might just have to have one messy end.

There are also a load of other projects that I have sitting about, that it would be nice to get finished.

Perhaps I should resolve to end 2011 with all of these either done, or officially abandoned.


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Learn to read, young Raa (well OK not so young)

I don’t mean books here, or even patterns (although reading charts would be useful). I need to learn to read me. A lot got done yesterday, I escaped much of the aftermath. I think the bath and painkiller before bed were a stroke of genius on my part. All I have suffered from today is an over abundance of tired. I ended up back in bed for a chunk of the day.

I should know by now that tired+knitting=frogging. It’s a simple equation, easy to remember. Except when you are tired and a determined bugger. The Gypsy Rose Leaf got cast off very slowly last night. It’ll get blocked once I’m organised and not about to have a dinner guest. Today I hummed and hawed over what to do next. I have four WsIP right now, 2 only need blocked (see dinner guest above), 1 only needs seamed (not feeling the seaming love) and the last one is a snuggley scarf (not the weather right now to give me the impetus to go on with that… even up here in Scotland). Should I wait for more yarn to (magically drop out of the sky) arrive in the post or should I decide on a pattern for the current gorgeousness in easy reach? A bird in the hand and all that… I cast on Spring Thaw with the Starshine Angel 2 ply. I managed to keep track, even whilst making that apple pie, at least initially.

Row 16 K3 Purl to end K3… hang on this is a pattern row *unknits purls* I’ve already done that row.. Row 17 Why don’t I have the right number of sts? Oh Poop! I’ve already DONE that row… *checks properly* Row 21…. lalalalal.. hm mm this isn’t right.. why do I have  38 sts on this side of the centre and only 34 on the other side… *brain explodes* and frogging ensues.

Now, not only can’t I read myself, to tell that I am too tired for this lace malarky, but I am not familiar enough with this pattern to read back along my knitting and spot where I went wrong, or to read it as I am going and spot mistakes as they happen. The first wee bit is far too early to put in a lifeline.. and something else, I really need to mark off rows as I go. Lessons hopefully learned.

Tomorrow, well, I have things to do that involve screwdrivers and Ikea, so we’ll see if knitting happens, but at least I have pie.

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Goodness Gracious

Not so Long ago I posted some pictures of some Silk Garden. I loved it on the ball, but hated the knitted fabric it made.

You will also recall that I was using my Aran wt Heb to knit a Katarina

I liked it knit, but the fabric was really dense and I wasn’t convinced that it was right for a Katarina. I was poking about on Ravelry to see if I could either find my Silk Garden colourway knit into something nice, or something I could knit with it that might look nice. I went through pages and pages and the only things that really caught my eye were the ones that used Noro and a plain yarn. My head went in to Overdrive. On Wednesday morning I cast on the basic chunky cardigan from Knitting Noro using the Silk Garden and the Heb, alternating 2 rows of each.

By Wednesday evening I had the back and one front completed. I cast on the second front, but decided bed was the best option. By Thursday evening I had the other front finished, and both sleeves. Today (Friday) I sewed it all up, knitted the neck and front welts and then went shopping for buttons. Having blocked it gently with the iron, I sewed on buttons and put it on. All done..

The fact that I made a garment, ball to back, in less than 3 days is pretty amazing for me, but that it took so little yarn – 9x50g balls – is MORE amazing. I still have 350g of each yarn left, more than enough to knit something else.


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Going with the flow.

The front and back of the Fire and Brimstone are pinned out and blocking. Coffee was drunk, toast was eaten. I’m tired and sore now so it’s time to just sit and knit..and possibly time for painkillers.

I knit and blocked a swatch of the Heb yesterday, the gauge is pretty good (half a stitch out, which will only make a difference of about two and a half stitches across the back, and the rows were spot on).

The fuzziness of the yarn and the dark colour made it pretty hard to see the stitches to count, but I got there eventually.

The Katarina or as mine is called Kataranarina will be more of a jacket than a cardigan as the Heb has knit into quite a dense springy fabric. I do love the dark bitter chocolate colour of it though and the natural subtle variation of the undyed yarn is lovely.

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