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Another cake..


I know this looks very much like the last cake, but it’s very different, even down to the method.
This is this recipe, except I made it with lemons. It is right on the border of being too lemony, but it works fine for me.


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Tasty, tasty cake


Utilising the new oven for making cake.

Might try making this mix into cupcakes. Have already made a pear one.

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Today I am mostly

Drinking coffee and eating polenta cake…..

@hideout café Leith, Edinburgh

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Ups and Downs

The crochet squares were down to eight, I did two, then they went back up to eight…

Whilst looking through the finished squares I came across two that were teeeeeny tiny compared to all the others. I think somehow, somewhen I managed to crochet two squares with a 3mm, rather than a 4mm, hook. DO NOT ASK HOW! All I will say, in my defence, is that on 2 separate occasions whilst making this blanket I was on  a LOT of prescription painkillers…

Coffee with GoD Lady and H was lovely. I had a pear and almond tart. Unfortunately, I had already eaten it before I thought about taking any pictures. I did a tiny bit of crochet and finished GoD Lady’s spinning, I was a bit crocheted out and she was a bit spun out, so it worked out nicely.

No Lovely Bloke this evening, he apparently ‘has a thing’. I’m hoping he meant a family commitment/work thing and not a strange growth or disease.

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Today is cake, craft, and coffee day with GoD Lady (plus a Sheep and H this week). Yes a Sheep. We have a friend who is secretly a sheep in a people suit.  There are clues to his real identity, but they are subtle and you’d never think he was really a sheep if you walked past him in the street.

I have no idea what to take with me to do. I’ve run out of blocked blanket squares after doing 2×16 panels. and it’s too late to block more, so I can’t do that.There are too many little balls of yarn (and big ones) to make crocheting more squares and option, so I cant do that.

I could do the other shrug sleeve, but I don’t want to, plus I’d actually have to pay attention. So, no to that.

Gloves of Doom? OMG WTSF, NO! I need DAYS to look at that before I attempt it.

I want to have enough yarn spun, and to reckeck all the wpi, before I start Dandelion…

I have plying to do but I can’t take that with me as it’s really not so portable.

I guess that leaves a spindle and some spinning… but Merino or Shetland?

See this is where it’d be really handy to have.. I dunno.. something small like…  A SOCK on the needles for something easy to take with me.

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Coffee, Cake and Curses.


Worse than the Gloves of Doom, is the Hat of Cursedness. GoD Lady seems to have a knack of finding stuff that doesn’t work. She and I chat on line most days, and the other day, she said, “I cannot get this hat to work. I dunno if it’s using DPNs after a long time of using circs or what, but could you cast it on and maybe do a couple of rows?”  “Sure, I said, bring it on Friday.” I duly cast on and lost count, then realised I hadn’t left enough of a tail, ripped it back and let out a bit more yarn.. long tail cast on again… kept losing count, so got GoD lady’s husband (who joined us for a change – and we will call Bear as that’s his nickname) Bear to count, “99st” he said. I cast on one more st, then had a moment, I couldn’t work out how to knit in the round…

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said.

I figured it out and we chatted, as I got to the second dpn, I realised I was knitting, and that I had knit the entire first needle, “So what?”, I hear you cry.. I should have been doing k2 p2 rib….

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said. This time I joined in.

I tink it back. I rib. I end up with one stitch left…. I check, I have LOST a stitch somewhere.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

As I check the stitches, they start slipping off the ends of the dpns.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

In the end I gave up and brought it home. I will cast it on again and do the rib, and run over to her house and throw it at her at somepoint in the next couple of days, and as I do I will shout,

“Take it away. It’s CURSED!”

Today we have cake and coffee pictures to chase away the curses.

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In Your Face Gloves of Doom!

Well rather flower from Gloves of Doom. GoD Lady got stuck in traffic, so I was finished dupe stitching the flower before she arrived…. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take the pattern, so it wasn’t grafted on *doh*.

I am caffeinated, and caked (Apricot and almond tart – below), and have done a bit of spinning. I feel productive, kind of.

I have some two at a time socks from GoD Lady to look at and to try to work out where she is in the pattern. I may need more brain that I currently have access to, so they will have to wait until I feel cleverer. Lovely Bloke is working all this weekend so I have bonus crafty time. I’m up to 513 yards of worstedish (9wpi) actual spun merino yarn so far. I haven’t finished the first bag quite yet,  although it’s getting close. It will be interesting to see how much of this I end up with. Luckily, if I do need more  to make a particular garment, as it’s undyed it’s not like I have to worry about dye batches and I can just get and make more.

Totally can’t work out if that last sentence makes sense, have run out of brain, please send more…

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