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Premature Cake, Coffee and Craftiness

Normally I meet my friend in the local coffee shop on a Friday, but the last few weeks we’ve had to change the days as she’s had work. We knit, spin, blether (Scots for talk a lot), drink coffee and eat some of the extraordinarily fabulous cake. Today was extremely premature cake and craftiness, it being Monday.

My friend is lovely but you’ll know her as the evil Gloves of Doom Lady and the spinning starter and enabler. Today was a spinning enabling day. I’d asked if I could try her Spindolyn, and she brought it, and her Ashford drop spindle (along with some green/blue/yellow merino fibre) for me to borrow. I currently have 3 spindles, all of which have spun fibre on them, and two of which are full… Soon I’m going to have to do more blooming plying!


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The gloves were knitting up great, but I realised they were also knitting up huge…

I have frogged them, and will reknit on smaller needles. I will though, need to go and buy those needles as the 2.5mm I was using were the smallest I currently have. Ravelry says 2mm needles for Maahinen. I need to go to John Lewis today anyway so I will see what they have.

I’ve decided I really do need a printer, it’s just not practical to take the laptop out so that I can have access to my PDF knitting patterns.

I also finally finished my Fire and Brimstone. Only issue was that in knitting the correct bust size, the shoulders ended up too wide. After taking all this time to finish it, there was no way I could frog it. Luckily a certain Pidlike friend visited and it suited her… seems I am knitting her an entire new wardrobe as the Kahluraa also ended up being hers. I am debating making gluten free cheesecake today. It needs to cool with the oven, I could make it and leave it in the oven when I go out. Or do it later….

I need more coffee before making any decisions.

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If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk…

Well I’ve actually been camped out in the living room with blankies & pillows, watching movies for the last couple of days.

I haven’t had the inclination to do anything – even knit. Today though, having gone back to bed for a nap, and feeling like I have a little more oopmph, I’ve been uploading photos, to make a mosaic of some of the promised pictures. Here are some of the nicer things from the last couple of weeks.

Yarn, stewed fruit, fruit crumble, my new hairdo, pepper seedlings, a tidy desk, tidy yarn store, and cupcakes.

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Will it ever end?

The House of Raa is in an uproar. The trip to Ikea yesterday was a HUGE success, I have a new bookcase and a little unit (they were out of the dvd tower in birch). I now have a wall of books and dvds and a huge mess to tidy up.

The exciting part is the little cube unit. It’s by my desk, it will take my yarn winder, all my knitting porn (patterns & books), thread boxes, my sewing machine and some yarn (I hope) this will mean I have a CLEAR DESK, that’s never happened before.

HUGE thanks to Pid and Bear for the trip and help lugging stuff up to the third floor. Cake and pie were not payment enough by half.

Now just to get things back in to some semblance of order before H arrives for dinner….. Eeeep!

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Cake & Cocktails

I’m marshalling my energy. I have some coffee and a sofa.

Tonight, I have a few people coming for a few drinks and I have promised that I will make cupcakes and each person will get to decorate one..or more. I’m looking forward to seeing people, since S left I’ve been here on my own, not really getting out much.

I still have dishes to wash and the baking to do, I’ll also scour the cocktail books for yum drinks to make. None of them will be for me, but hey, another time maybe. I’ll limit myself to one glass of wine then keep shoving the water down to keep my kidneys happy – for a given value of happy, as it seems regardless of what I do they are still grumbling about something.

So cupcakes, so easy to make and fun, also yummy 🙂 I make mine in a muffin tin so get 12, if you use  bun tins you’ll get 16 (approx)

Cupcake Recipe

4oz Unsalted butter (softened), 4oz Caster Sugar, 2 Eggs (beaten), 4oz Self Raising Flour. Paper cases.

Preheat the oven to gas 5 – 190C – 375F. Put the paper cases in the tray(s).

Cream the sugar and butter together either with a wooden spoon or an electric whisk until pale and fluffy – my grandma always said this and the eggs part was beating air into the mixture so the sponge would be light and rise. Gradually add the egg beating it in well – too much egg at once will make the mixture curdle (split) if you can’t get it to beat together and it stays seperated, add a little flour and rebeat.

Once all the egg is beaten in, you need to add the flour. At this point you need to be gentle with the mixture – grandma’s wisdom here was that you’d put a lot of energy in to putting air in to the batter, and now you didn’t want to knock it all out. Using a metal spoon and gently fold the flour in to the mixture – I’ve found a plastic spatula works too.

Spoon the cake mix into the paper cases and bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool the cupckaes on a wire rack and once cool decorate.


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