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I sewed the snap fasteners on Baarbara’s dress this morning and here she is in all her glory.

I made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on about 88 sts, did a couple of rows of garter st to reduce curling and it makes a nice edge. The lace is k1, yo, s2kpsso, yo separated by a few rows of stocking stitch. To get the ruffly effect on the skirt I used s2kpsso, k1 to reduce the number of stitches by half in one row then I used it again at the front only on the next knit row. I also moved down a needle size after the decreases as it still seemed a little wide. It was easier to crochet the bodice as it made it all much neater and there were less fiddly ends to sew in, and I used crochet to create a button band down the back edge as well.


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All dressed up, and nowhere to go….

Well here it is, it has some lacy bits, a ruffly, pleaty skirt and a crocheted bodice, and I am rather pleased with it (as is Baarbara, she has been bleating on and making suggestions all day). I need to dig out a couple of snap fasteners, but that can wait. Better picture in daylight, I hope, currently too late and tired to do better.

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Done and Done

So it’s DONE!

*sets off streamers and would open Champange if she had any*

And here’s a sneak peek at Dandelion


Now off to be a good girl and sort out my Job Seeking stuff for the last 2 weeks. I have to write it all down and find something to apply for tomorrow  at the course.

Play nice.


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Phase Two Complete

I have 3 4by12 patch strips.

It’s actually been a struggle to concentrate on the last one. It’s been a busy day and the flat (apartment) is hot.

Here’s a picture of the patches pre-sewing.

The light wasn’t great today though.

Thursday is Phase Three, sewing the strips into an FO!


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Phase One Complete

Operation Blanket is a go.

I am on a mission.

I have sewn the 144 blanket squares into 9 16 patch squares.

I have laid out the patches and decided where they will go in  the completed blanket.

The mission for tomorrow is to at least sew those 16 patch squares into three strips, and by the end of Thursday to have sewn those strips into a completed blanket.

More complicated as I do actually have housework and a special survey to do tomorrow, the course on Wednesday and to do my allotted job searching and applying. I’d do some tonight but the course today left me with only enough energy to get cat food on the way home, cook and eat dinner, make the placement decision and write this post.

I think there’s an early night with my name on it in the very near future.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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I had a bit of a late start yesterday, but I got all the blanket squares sorted out so the colours were evenly spread between the remaining 6 16 square patches. I only managed to get one sewn together though. Today I am off to a flying start and already have one done and  have sewn up one strip of the next one. So 5/9 complete and more to come.

Once all the patched squares are done I’ll lay them out and decide where they will end up. Then it’ll be time to decide if I should add a border.

The sewing does take a fair bit more concentration than I expected. I think it might take me a bit longer to sew the whole thing up than I thought, especially as I have a 3 day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) *thing* next week.

As part of getting my Jobseekers Benefit I have to go visit a company employed by the Govt to help me find work. As part of that I have been invited to attend something called an Embark Workshop, there will be a group of us sharing hints and tips, looking at CVs etc. Hopefully it’ll be useful, if nothing else it will provide some impetus, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

There wasn’t any Coffee this week, no cake either and with me being busy and GoD Lady back at school, I don’t know when the next one will be. No Lovely Bloke this weekend or possibly next either. You can’t see it but I am making my sad face.


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We have had a pretty rotten summer so far in Edinburgh. Today was not rotten. It was gorgeous and I was out most of the afternoon and evening. I am SO tired.

One of the things I did today was buy some new bamboo needles in a needle roll, on sale. A while ago I sat on one of my lovely Surina 4mm needles, so it was good to replace it AND get another 7 pairs for twice what the single pair would cost AND get a pretty roll thrown in. I had plans to do some knitting tonight but I am too tired. I am definitely too tired to look at the Gloves of Doom (stuff and things happened to stop me looking at them yesterday). I am even too tired to unpin the blocked blanket squares, and pin out the last 7.

It’s not even 10pm, and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. Not even the coffee I drank (and I don’t do coffee in the evenings usually) is helping to perk me up. So before I make my 38539th typo, and have to redo another bit of the post, I am going to lie on the sofa for a bit with the end of Poirot and then go to bed.

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