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Anonymising GoD


I have guillotined GoD lady. Just because…. Well really because plastering her moosh all over the Internets without her permission is just rude. Mr GoD lady aka Bear, kindly took some pictures of GoD lady wearing the Homegrown Dandelion and so I thought I’d show it off.


The blue yarn isn’t hand spun, it’s some NDS dazzle HT, self colour blue, that due to the nature of hand dying fades beautifully in and out making my very simple duplicate stitch ’embroidery’ look much more special than it really is.

I’m still amazed that I managed to spin enough yarn for an entire cardigan on a drop spindle.


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Cutting it fine


Just cast off the second Dandelion front, as you can see there wasn’t a lot of the ball of yarn left. Now for soaking and pinning.

Still have the sleeves to go. I really hate sleeves, as I read somewhere yesterday, you knit forever and they never grow, so you knit more, and suddenly they’re an inch longer than you intended.

If I get *this* cardi done, I hope it will inspire me to finish off a few more of the unfinished projects lurking in my stash….

GoD anyone?


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Voice recognition

Decided to try blogging using the tablet voice recognition software. It may be a bit stream of consciousness as I can’t work out how to punctuate.  I’ll probably intervene though as it will drive me mad.

Today I managed to finish reknitting the back of my Dandelion. Its currently blocking. I have also cast on the first front.

My knitting mojo is still missing but I’m hoping it will find me soon if I persevere.

I really, really wish I knew how to punctuate using this system.

I also cast on and knit about 100 rows of another Kiri shawl. The English version of the pattern has disappeared from the website, actually the whole website is gone, but I managed to find a cached version.

I found myself looking at more patterns today but manage to restrain myself by thinking of the many, many unfinished projects I still have lying around.

Enough, have punctuated and corrected the horrendous and amusing errors. One day I’ll post the computer generated as it comes, alongside what I actually said.

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