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I need adult supervision..

My ankle is now almost back to its normal size, it still hurts a little if I turn to fast or wiggle my toes the wrong way, but it’s mending. The other night I dropped my spatula, I bent down funny and pulled something in my thigh, it’s mostly ok, unless I move the wrong way then it twinges.

This is on top of my continuing weird joint/tendon ouchiness. I have my physio appt next Thursday. Tomorrow I get to call for my blood test results (joint related) and I have a new hormone to try. Here’s to a little more get up and go.


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Weekend was lovely, good food, company, decent weather for Scotland in February, sea air, beautiful views, sleeping, violet creams….

Then I fell off the edge of the road in the dark and did some damage to my ankle, as well as my dignity. Mild sprain and a few scrapes and bruises. I am the walking wounded, but at least I am walking….

Home safe now. Next time I leave home, I’m wearing a bubble wrap suit…..

PS I forgot to take my camera….. *doh*

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