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I blame the drugs

So, I’ve just started taking amitriptyline for pain. The side effects will improve as I keep taking it, but yesterday, after taking it for the first time the night before, was challenging. So spaced early in the day, then so tired later. I tried knitting, it took a huge amount of concentration, and it felt oddly alien. Which was a bit weird.

Today I woke up feeling a bit dizzy, and oddly numb round the edges. Thankfully, there’s not much needs doing. I did manage to fix the knitting I attempted yesterday, but it was a total brain strain, so maybe I should leave the knitting for a bit.

Distracted by thoughts of my new fridge freezer, I’m also distracted by defrosting the old one, and making an online grocery order to fill said new appliance….

Me? Losing focus? Nah….

Oh look, flying monkies…


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I have no idea where my lace knitting head has gone.

Over the past few days I’ve cast on and frogged SO much knitting, mainly due to a total lack of concentration on my part (adding or missing yos). Rather than mangle any really lovely yarn, I’m now using the free Colourmart Yarn I got with a YF sub. It’s nice, it’s merino, but it was free and therefore I’m not getting as cross with myself for mangling small amounts of it.

I have lot’s of pictures to put up here and on Ravelry, but the camera is far… and I am being feeble. I am considering seeing if taking painkillers and more coffee might make for a more surreal, but less painful day, but again that means getting up off the sofa. Yup, you know it’s a bad day when you are feeling too hurty to go get the pain pills…. wonder if I have any stashed in my handbag it, at least, is in feeble flailing distance.

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