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I forgot

So busy was I talking about curses, I forgot to say what else I had been up to. Admittedly it’s not a huge amount but still..

I managed to finish spinning the second Suffolk single, so now I need to do more plying. and I have started bag two of the Merino. Today I also ordered some Shetland fibre From Jamieson and Smith. They do 500g bags! So I have a bag of white on the way, although I am now wishing I had bought Fawn or Moorit instead. I suppose I can order one of those another time. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be happening for a while, as now I’m better, I won’t have that little extra money that the ESA gave me. I shall need to find a job and soon.


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Rescue knitting

Met GoD lady yesterday for coffee, the (lovely but) sneaky, sneaker that she is brought me a present from Woolfest. I have some grey Suffolk fibre to spin. I haven’t opened it up to have a proper look, as I know I’ll want to jump in with both feet as soon as I do and I have some other spinning to finish (plying the last bit of BGY fibre), the last of the flower to dupe stitch, and some rescue knitting to do before Friday.

GoD lady knits. She knits amazing lace, that I would never attempt and even manages to keep lace patterns straight on socks. My lace knitting is.. well I have to have my lace head on and usually end up reknitting stuff about 3 or 4 times until it sticks, or until I understand what I am doing. GoD lady has never knit an actual garment though. She’s been knitting a hooded jumper, lots of stocking stitch, rows and rows. I think it’s probably quite boring compared to lace and socks, but she has persevered and has been determinedly knitting the back (front is done). She knit LOADS on the bus to Woolfest, even though it made her feel a bit queasy, and she was really excited about how well it was going… except, well, she forgot the armholes on the back. If you had seen her wee face, devastated. She was 2 rows from casting it off! Yeah, big sad face time. So, I offered to take it away and fix it. Last night I ripped it back and today it has armholes. I still have about 2 inches or so to reinstate, and I’ll join the shoulders so she can get on with the hood on Friday.

Yes, we are having coffee twice this week, and Fridays are back, gotta go I have promises to keep.

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