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Not much more to do

The furniture is all in place, Ed helped me reposition it yesterday. We also went to B&Q where I purchased a new loo seat of much bamboo loveliness. I’m not putting it on the loo until after the ceiling gets painted this week though, as i would cry if it got paint on it. I also have a new bathmat :). On Thursday Malcolm popped up to gaze upon the wonder that is my new bed, and to use his l33t tall person skills to put up my new lampshades.

All that remains to be done is getting rid of a ton of rubbish and sorting through the remaining few boxes to see if I want to keep or get rid of stuff. There is a load of clean laundry too, but I want a new ironing board cover before I tackle that – the old one is ingrained with soot and icky fire smells.

Soon there can be feeet up and knitting.


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Ready and raring to go…

Well maybe after some coffee…
Last bit of carpet comes today. I must also call the painter for the ceiling and call to confirm the bed delivery for tomorrow.

M is coming over to help put the bed together. I am leaving everything in the livingroom until the bed’s done so we have plenty of space to manoeuvre. Friday will be start putting everything back day, for which, I am hoping to have an Ed, and have had an amazing night of sleep :).

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Well aren’t I the lazy bum?

Sorry I haven’t posted but  things here are kinda busy.

I’ve been staying at my flat and stripping paper off ceilings, putting my kitchen back together and having the worst flu :(.

The flat is painted apart from the bathroom ceiling,and that will be happening later this week. Tomorrow sees the arrival of the first batch of carpets, I still need to lift the old ones this has been hampered by the aforementioned flu which started on Thursday. I am still soaking bed clothes and pyjamas with sweat, but am actually a lot better than I was. I’m just going to have to pace myself. Luckily I have wonderful friends who are going to come and help so I don’t need to try to do it all myself.

Once the livingroom carpet is laid on Monday, the lovely Ed is coming to help move all of the furniture that is crammed in to the bedroom through to be crammed in to the livingroom so that the bedroom carpet can be laid on Wednesday.

Finally on Thursday I will get my new bed delivered and by the end of the week life in the House of Raa will be returning to some semblance of normality… then I can get on with the blooming KNITTING!

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Good news

The painters will be in on Tuesday 14th at 8am to redecorate my flat!

Now when the carpet guy and I talk on Thursday I will have a rough date for the painters finishing and therefore when I want the carpets done. I also talked to the bed people today, they are fine about holding the bed another couple of weeks.

It will be such a relief to be back home with my patterns and my needles and my yarn and my NEW bed!

I can get the Smoke Alarm cardi finished, and the Chevron Sleeve cardi back on track and well,  just fondle my stash to be honest.

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Adventures in Extractor Fans – Episode 8

So tomorrow is E day! We’ve had several previous episodes, including the One Where Nothing Happened and the One Where it Looked Like Something Was Going to Happen, Then Didn’t. I just hope this new episode doesn’t turn out to be a repeat of one of those…

The, hopefully, Final Solution is that instead of cleaning out the ducting – which is proving impossible, it would seem – they are going to fit a new fan. This fan has a flap in the back that closes when it’s not turned on, blocking anything from entering the fan, and therefore my flat.

It’s not exactly what I wanted but it seems like a viable alternative… and hey, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just complain more… and then possibly move in to the Housing Association’s foyer until I am satisfied. If I can just have no more soot, gunk, plaster dust and general ick coming in I will be happy.

If all goes well tomorrow this is the start of something big dear readers, as you know once stuff stops coming in I can have the place cleaned, then I can have the place painted, then I can get the bed delivered and MOVE IN!

I know, I know! I shouldn’t be getting too excited in case it all goes bad, but after almost 6 weeks I can finally see the tiniest sliver of light… it might not be at the end of a the tunnel… but then again it just might….

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Hopefully I’ll know tomorrow a little more what’s happening…

My insurance guy is finally coming to look over the damage!

In knitting news I finally sewed up the Garnet! and have even worn it..

I know, I look like a heifer...

I know, I look like a heifer...

Never trust your mother to take the pictures :S

My mindless project is the Bell-Sleeve Jacket from Knit Simple Winter 08/09. I don’t think I can block it here though, it might need to wait until I get back home (whenever that is). I have all but one sleeve and the collar done, and I am thinking ahead again.

I have 600g of Heb.. there is a cardi in issue 11 of Yarn Forward – Copine, in undyed, eco-friendly wool by Shannon Okey – that I thought I might *squeeze* out of the Heb.

Oh, and a big CONGRATULATIONS! to Kris from Ecoknits for all her coverage in YF. This month is a special Green Edition and Kris has not only an advert in the issue, but gives her opinion on eco-friendly knitting, and Ecoknits gets a mention as somewhere for the eco-minded to shop online, and there is a picture of the lovely Riihivilla Arni yarn that she sells too!

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Looks like I’ll be away a bit longer

Things need redecorated, carpets need replaced… Insurance person will be out asap to decide what’s what…. I can’t really stay here meantime though as the smell and general ick that keeps appearing out of the vents  makes me nervous. I sound like a boy atm as it is, my throat is screwed.

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