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I sewed the snap fasteners on Baarbara’s dress this morning and here she is in all her glory.

I made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on about 88 sts, did a couple of rows of garter st to reduce curling and it makes a nice edge. The lace is k1, yo, s2kpsso, yo separated by a few rows of stocking stitch. To get the ruffly effect on the skirt I used s2kpsso, k1 to reduce the number of stitches by half in one row then I used it again at the front only on the next knit row. I also moved down a needle size after the decreases as it still seemed a little wide. It was easier to crochet the bodice as it made it all much neater and there were less fiddly ends to sew in, and I used crochet to create a button band down the back edge as well.


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All dressed up, and nowhere to go….

Well here it is, it has some lacy bits, a ruffly, pleaty skirt and a crocheted bodice, and I am rather pleased with it (as is Baarbara, she has been bleating on and making suggestions all day). I need to dig out a couple of snap fasteners, but that can wait. Better picture in daylight, I hope, currently too late and tired to do better.

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Meet Baaaarbaraa the Black Sheep

I knitted her yesterday on a whim. She needs a better dress, which I will think thinky thinks about and do soon.


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Ups and Downs

The crochet squares were down to eight, I did two, then they went back up to eight…

Whilst looking through the finished squares I came across two that were teeeeeny tiny compared to all the others. I think somehow, somewhen I managed to crochet two squares with a 3mm, rather than a 4mm, hook. DO NOT ASK HOW! All I will say, in my defence, is that on 2 separate occasions whilst making this blanket I was on  a LOT of prescription painkillers…

Coffee with GoD Lady and H was lovely. I had a pear and almond tart. Unfortunately, I had already eaten it before I thought about taking any pictures. I did a tiny bit of crochet and finished GoD Lady’s spinning, I was a bit crocheted out and she was a bit spun out, so it worked out nicely.

No Lovely Bloke this evening, he apparently ‘has a thing’. I’m hoping he meant a family commitment/work thing and not a strange growth or disease.

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Today is cake, craft, and coffee day with GoD Lady (plus a Sheep and H this week). Yes a Sheep. We have a friend who is secretly a sheep in a people suit.  There are clues to his real identity, but they are subtle and you’d never think he was really a sheep if you walked past him in the street.

I have no idea what to take with me to do. I’ve run out of blocked blanket squares after doing 2×16 panels. and it’s too late to block more, so I can’t do that.There are too many little balls of yarn (and big ones) to make crocheting more squares and option, so I cant do that.

I could do the other shrug sleeve, but I don’t want to, plus I’d actually have to pay attention. So, no to that.

Gloves of Doom? OMG WTSF, NO! I need DAYS to look at that before I attempt it.

I want to have enough yarn spun, and to reckeck all the wpi, before I start Dandelion…

I have plying to do but I can’t take that with me as it’s really not so portable.

I guess that leaves a spindle and some spinning… but Merino or Shetland?

See this is where it’d be really handy to have.. I dunno.. something small like…  A SOCK on the needles for something easy to take with me.

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Ooops, it’s been a week….

Life has been interesting. My brain has been poking me and making me hibernate a little, and then the meal I ate on Friday came back to haunt me at about 3 am. Pretty sure it’s safe to eat again today, but it’s probably best if I keep it simple.

I met GoD Lady on Thursday last week, she is a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! She denied me my socks, but she cast on a new shawl! BAD GoD Lady!

Personally, I have barely looked at anything much this past week. I did ply those singles, and I did knit a sleeve of the stripey shrug, and I joined it at the sholders and joined the neck, with kitchener stitch I might add. My spindle has been pretty neglected though, I already had a single and need a second and to ply them before I can look at doing any of the Shetland and I have only done a tiny bit. Given I have a job application to do this week, either I will get nothing done or I will procrastinate and spin my hands off. I really want the job. I need to overhaul my CV, and write a new kick ass personal statement and covering letter. I am very out of practice and I am not very good at talking myself up so…. *looks at spindle* I’ll be submitting the application at the end of this week, so I’d appreciate you all crossing your fingers for me if you don’t mind, although if you need your fingers for something else that’s OK, I wouldn’t want anyone to have an accident.

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In Denial

I was texting GoD lady this morning just to check the recipient of the Cursed Hat was still alive and well (so far she is suffering no ill effects), I told GoD Lady that I had finished Lovely Bloke’s hat and was contemplating casting on a pair of socks. She replied NO! It turns out that she thinks I should actually finish some other projects before I start a new one! UNHEARD OF! So now I am in sock denial and have cast on the first sleeve of my stripey shrug. I did have a look at the GoD, but reading the next bit of the pattern made my head hurt, it will take a few more readings before I feel strong enough to attempt it.

In other news, I managed to actually tidy my stash on Friday afternoon, my Shetland fibre arrived and I had a small attack of evil tonsils meaning I slept a large part of the rest of the weekend. Poor Lovely Bloke spent the weekend doing most of the cooking and coffee making, but I did manage to make breakfast this morning, and he is very happy his hat is finished, it’s drying right now so I will have to wait to post pictures until he’s down next weekend.

I am trying to decide if I have enough energy to ply Merino singles whilst watching Miss Marple this evening. I have 2 singles on bobbins, and a spindle full too, I’d like to free up the spindle so I can have a go at spinning some of the Shetland. I think what I really need is a nice pot of tea and to see if I can find anything edible for supper before rushing into any decisions.

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