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Ribbit, ribbit

When you don’t pay attention the frogs invade….

Forgot waist decreases, reknitting the start of section three, in the 3 in 1…… It was only 30 odd short rows.



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Happy 2011

So, there was a dearth of knitting over Christmas and New Year, BUT I did manage to finish the Clothilde! I will do pics once it’s blocked.

Now I need to decide to get on with my other WsIP. I still have the Coat, the back is aaaaaalmost done; I need to measure it and just do the few rows and cast it off. I am knitting a wrap, very badly. It has rib and my transitions from K to P are atrocious – all loose and gapey. Not sure if I should frog it and start over, or just keep going, after having looked at solutions. I fear the silk embrace won’t frog well, so, it might just have to have one messy end.

There are also a load of other projects that I have sitting about, that it would be nice to get finished.

Perhaps I should resolve to end 2011 with all of these either done, or officially abandoned.


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Gosh, Knitting and Blogging On the Same Day

Whatever next?

Right now I am supposed to be finishing knitting a cardigan. I’m on the home stretch, the second sleeve. Unfortunately, it’s knit in garter stitch, and we all know how that goes, after so much mindless knitting the will to live is lost, so today has been dedicated to more advanced knitting, just to get my brain going (tomorrow will be back to the cardi – it’s a Christmas present, so I do need to get it done).

The friend who I am knitting the cardi for, well for her mum, gave me some yarn a while back (I must ask again what it is), she has the other half of it, and the plan was for us to both knit an Annis. We started, we frogged. I started mine, helped start hers. I refrogged mine… you get the picture. Last night I cast  on the 363st and I have done 4 whole rows! Oddly, having *lost* my lace head a while back, I am totally enjoying it. I have settled into the symmetry of the repeats, I know where I am at each stitch (so far, at least). It’s definitely refreshing my Knitting Mojo, and I seem to have found my lace head.

I just wish I could keep going, but there are thing to do in the House of Raa. Bins need emptied, beds need changed and shopping and lasagne assembly need to happen.

Ohhh, I also was really bad and ordered some new NDS Precious, in Caliban.. but I can’t remember even vaguely what colour that is.. oops?

This mostly isn’t what I sat down to write at all, I had more to say about knitting lace, maybe another time…

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I haven’t lost my Mojo…

I’ve lost my focus.

When my Knitting Mojo goes, I have no desire to knit, my eyes slide off yarn like it doesn’t exist. I find many things very interesting, I read, I sew… whatever. Right now I WANT to knit, I fondle yarn, I look up endless patterns, but when I cast on I just can’t keep my head on what I’m doing. I make silly mistakes, can’t *see* the pattern and end up in Frogsville. I do have some just straight forward knitting I could do. I promised T a cardi and it’s sitting doing nothing.. nice soothing stocking stitch, I have the gloves of plum gorgeousness, not too difficult as I’m not at the fingers yet, I could wind the Grey Aarni and think about a hat… I could dig out old UFOs, knit Ludy the elephant I promised her…  all worthy tasks.

Mostly though I want to be able to get my head round lace again. I want to force my brain to conform, make it work. Until that happens, until I can focus on that, I think I won’t be able to focus on any knitting, and it’s driving me round the bend.

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Busy Bee and Surgery

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last posted.

I have had my visitor come and go, been to the cinema, made brownies, been over to friends for drinks, helped other friends move house, been to the Meadow’s Festival and had my hospital appointment. I have also started a shawl four times, frogged it four times and thrown yarn (admittedly back in to my stash and not across the room).

I am having knitting fail, it’s worse than losing your mojo. Not feeling like doing any knitting I can deal with, I have lots I can do instead, but WANTING to knit and having nothing you pick up go right makes me very cross with myself. Right now I have doubts I could even manage stocking stitch effectively. It’s depressing.

I have had too much nature. Allergies and sun rash, much husky voicedness.

I saw a new doctor (although he assured me we had met before in 2006 when he was a student – I assume his name is in my notes, and not that he remembered me (unless I have particularly memorable lady parts)). He seems nice, is very interested in endometriosis, it’s causes and treatments, and also runs a pain clinic specifically for gynae issues. I should be going in for some surgery about eight weeks. I’m not going to go into gory detail here, but I will be having a laparoscopy to remove endomeriosis deposits and endometrial ablation – if you want to look these procedures up then on your own head be it, I don’t want any complaints though.

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Post funk.

Things are poddling along. Benefits now sorted out, although I’m not sure I cancelled a standing order in time, so may need to poke HA for a refund at some point. Feel I can now relax a little. My biggest chore now is to catch up on the laundry – if the EU had a laundry mountain to go with their butter mountain & milk lake of past years, people would look at my flat and think it was being stored here. I frogged the grey gloves, because I had dropped a stitch waaaay back on the increases, and with the slipped stitches it seemed easier to reknit them that try to work it out.

More yarn to wind, I got more grey to make hat/scarf to go with the gloves, although I managed to order Aarni instead of Maahinen… it’s natural undyed from the same sheep so the colour matches so it’ll be fine. I also have my NDS precious lace to wind.

I’m hoping my lace head sorts out soon I could do with having something pretty to knit as well as something practical, especially as I have all this lovely yarn to use. Maybe I have too much choice, hence my inability to start and stick with anything.

When I started knitting again, I was determined not to have a big stash of yarn, I was going to buy yarn for specific projects. I was going to knit them and move on to new yarn and a new pattern. Then I started planning in advance and bought yarn for *future projects*.. then I changed my mind and bought yarn for something else, then I’d just see yarn I loved and bought it and, slowly but surely, I ended up with a stash. I now have a specific area just for all my knitting paraphernalia.

Insidious stuff this yarn.

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I have been knitting, honest..

Plodding on with the gloves. Plodding in a good way, I feel fine about picking up and putting down, doing a row here and there. I’m now knitting two pairs though.. the plum ones and a grey pair (I can get more of the grey to make a hat/scarf, but not enough of the plum). I’m crocheting the odd row of flowers too, when the mood takes me.

My Arabella may have bitten the dust.. again. I had an envelope with my row notes on.. like you do, and then I stupidly tidied up, things don’t get lost when the place is a mess, I know exactly which pile of stuff is which, but yeah… the envelope has gone to the great recycling plant in the sky. I’ll print out the pattern and see if I can work out where I am, but it may be Frogsville for the shawl again. I am determined to knit this, but maybe the knitting gods are telling me it’s not the right time… we’ll see.

I’ve also been busy cooking the last couple of days, I have a huge bowl of roasted veggies and some sweet and tasty oven dried tomatoes. I’m planning on a huge salad later with all my goodies. I’ve also managed to read a little.

All this activity = no blogging time, I must get more organised!

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