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Back to the knitting

Still slogging through the Kiri shawl. I only started it so that I could help a friend knit it, then she decided to go with another pattern. I’m on the 12th repeat – which is as many as I did on the other version I did in lace weight – the one kidnapped by a certain GoD lady (must sew in ends of this one). I am wondering how many more repeats to do, or can stand to do. Although it’s quite a relaxing knit, I am getting bored.

The Dandelion is nearly done, I just have to crochet the edging on one sleeve, and find buttons. It’s still a bit big though – I have lost so much weight since I cast it on – even in the smaller size.

I definitely do not have enough brain to attempt the Gloves of Doom, or Daisy.

Other knitting things include dressing the rabbit I knitted for J’s grandson, at this rate he’ll be starting school before he has a waistcoat and jacket – the rabbit, not the child.


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*Insert appropriate title *

First Glove of Doom is done but for the fingers and I have cast on the second!

After all the messing about and the confusion, they turned out to be remarkably straight forward. I’m not saying I could knit the second one in my sleep, but less traumatic than they appeared. The secret was to just knit them and not think about it too much.

I also started dupe stitching the second flower, if I take it in little bits it should be OK. One of the first things I need to do when I get a job is get new glasses!

Today will be a day of jobstuff, washing dishes and a bit of food shopping. I used the last of the coffee. NOOOOO! Technically, I used the last pod, and there are beans that I can grind, but still ARRGH! The pods are much less faffy and troublesome, and the machine makes a cup (not a mug) with no muss or fuss. I have 2 cups first thing, and although that equates to a mug, it’s just not the same at all.

If I have time with all that I might make some more Bourbon biscuits. Although since I ate ALL of the last batch in about 2 days this may not be cunning. I really don’t eat much of my own baking. I get a notion to either eat something or bake something, I make it, eat one or 2 pieces then proceed to feed it to all and sundry, as my sweet tooth is easily satisfied. Not so with these babies. I ate all ten and wanted MORE!

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Hard Graft?

I decided that I was just being silly about the grafting, so I got out my darning needle, popped a guide to Kitchener on the screen and just got on with it. I can’t say I *like* grafting any more than I did before, but it’s done and I am now getting on with joining in the sides of the flower.

As you can see it’s starting to look like an actual glove, and you can see the lack of cast on edge at the cuff.

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Gussets and Grafting

Right, I have managed to start the thumb gusset . I get the increases, and am now set up to graft in the flower.

I HATE Kitchener, and I am finding it even more confusing as with only one knit row, I can’t see what the stitches are doing and also, it’s not a sock toe. I have slipped the flower stitches on to a dpn so I can hold it LIKE a sock toe, but my brain says NO, this is WRONG! No fault of the pattern and totally a fault in my brain.

I have messaged GoD Lady and asked her to do the Kitchener.

I still haven’t worked out where row 62 has gone, but I’m only on 42 so I have a while to work on that.

It’s actually a shame I have to stop, as I really want to get on and do these now.

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#You Were Always on My Miiind…

You Were Always on Myyy Mind…

I have been thinking about the Gloves of Doom. I need to do something with them. I have put it off forever, well, my head wasn’t in the right place to deal with the horror tbh.

I am going to dig out the pattern and have another look today. I need to find out where the seemingly missing row is. I shall put on my Miss Marple hat and try to solve the mystery, and if that fails I shall message the lovely designer on Ravelry, and ask – although I do best when I work stuff out for myself.

To pen and paper and writing out all the rows on the next part.

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Today is cake, craft, and coffee day with GoD Lady (plus a Sheep and H this week). Yes a Sheep. We have a friend who is secretly a sheep in a people suit.  There are clues to his real identity, but they are subtle and you’d never think he was really a sheep if you walked past him in the street.

I have no idea what to take with me to do. I’ve run out of blocked blanket squares after doing 2×16 panels. and it’s too late to block more, so I can’t do that.There are too many little balls of yarn (and big ones) to make crocheting more squares and option, so I cant do that.

I could do the other shrug sleeve, but I don’t want to, plus I’d actually have to pay attention. So, no to that.

Gloves of Doom? OMG WTSF, NO! I need DAYS to look at that before I attempt it.

I want to have enough yarn spun, and to reckeck all the wpi, before I start Dandelion…

I have plying to do but I can’t take that with me as it’s really not so portable.

I guess that leaves a spindle and some spinning… but Merino or Shetland?

See this is where it’d be really handy to have.. I dunno.. something small like…  A SOCK on the needles for something easy to take with me.

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In Denial

I was texting GoD lady this morning just to check the recipient of the Cursed Hat was still alive and well (so far she is suffering no ill effects), I told GoD Lady that I had finished Lovely Bloke’s hat and was contemplating casting on a pair of socks. She replied NO! It turns out that she thinks I should actually finish some other projects before I start a new one! UNHEARD OF! So now I am in sock denial and have cast on the first sleeve of my stripey shrug. I did have a look at the GoD, but reading the next bit of the pattern made my head hurt, it will take a few more readings before I feel strong enough to attempt it.

In other news, I managed to actually tidy my stash on Friday afternoon, my Shetland fibre arrived and I had a small attack of evil tonsils meaning I slept a large part of the rest of the weekend. Poor Lovely Bloke spent the weekend doing most of the cooking and coffee making, but I did manage to make breakfast this morning, and he is very happy his hat is finished, it’s drying right now so I will have to wait to post pictures until he’s down next weekend.

I am trying to decide if I have enough energy to ply Merino singles whilst watching Miss Marple this evening. I have 2 singles on bobbins, and a spindle full too, I’d like to free up the spindle so I can have a go at spinning some of the Shetland. I think what I really need is a nice pot of tea and to see if I can find anything edible for supper before rushing into any decisions.

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