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Soo um… January was a while ago… I was kidnapped by aliens or um the dog ate my blog posts.. or maybe… I am just a big fat lazy blog-avoiding bum….

There’s some stuff rattling around in my head, I’ll let it sit and untangle itself then I’ll put it here. No idea if anyone will be reading it, but it’s good to get it out.


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Blocking Fail… or is that Swatching Fail?

For the second time although my swatch has been the correct tension – even when washed – the garment will end up rather larger than anticipated. I guess this is what happens when you use a different yarn sometimes, or maybe I’m bad at washing the pieces.

I’m confident that the Surf the Waves will still be gorgeous, it will have drape… just a little more than I’d originally planned and I may never see my hands whilst wearing it…

Once it’s dry I’ll finish it and take a picture.

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All your internets are belong to us!

Finally I have a new laptop!

Oh interwebs, I have missed you.

I have lots to set up, so blogging will happen later, but I just thought I’d do a drive-by wave.


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Hello blog-world!

Since she gave it to me I have been sewing with my Gran’s old Singer from the 1950’s with it’s hot, hand cranking action and single stitch choice. It works but it is awkward using one hand to turn the wheel and only having one hand to feed the fabric.

I dragged out a whole heap of stuff out whilst making my new bedspread, and since I have some free time, I thought I’d get on with some of those things I’d planned for some of my fabric. I was depressed at the thought of fiddling around with the old Singer… changing the thread tension is an arcane art, and I am not sure I have the stomach for sacrificing that many goats… So I have bought myself a new Brother XL2620. It’s a basic 25 stitch machineĀ  – when you are used to one stitch, 25 doesn’t seem that basic and I admit to feeling mildly intimidated by it. I will poke it some more over the next few days mainly making cushion covers and once I get used to it I’ll be fine.


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