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I need adult supervision..

My ankle is now almost back to its normal size, it still hurts a little if I turn to fast or wiggle my toes the wrong way, but it’s mending. The other night I dropped my spatula, I bent down funny and pulled something in my thigh, it’s mostly ok, unless I move the wrong way then it twinges.

This is on top of my continuing weird joint/tendon ouchiness. I have my physio appt next Thursday. Tomorrow I get to call for my blood test results (joint related) and I have a new hormone to try. Here’s to a little more get up and go.

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Away with the fairies.

I am going away this weekend. It’s a friend’s birthday, and we are off to a wee village on the east coast. There will be a group, they will all go off walking, and I will knit. My joints are still giving me hell unfortunately, so no walking for me.
I haven’t packed, haven’t decided what to take, haven’t even dug out my bag yet. I need to get spare keys organised for feeding the cats, get a prescription filled, decide on a book, which knitting.…
Oh dear. I really should be more organised.


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