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Dear Brane,

I will NOT just have a quick look at that hat pattern!

Stop it right now, I have other knitting to do first.




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#You Were Always on My Miiind…

You Were Always on Myyy Mind…

I have been thinking about the Gloves of Doom. I need to do something with them. I have put it off forever, well, my head wasn’t in the right place to deal with the horror tbh.

I am going to dig out the pattern and have another look today. I need to find out where the seemingly missing row is. I shall put on my Miss Marple hat and try to solve the mystery, and if that fails I shall message the lovely designer on Ravelry, and ask – although I do best when I work stuff out for myself.

To pen and paper and writing out all the rows on the next part.

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Definitely a Bit Soft in the Head

Maybe I’m just a bit crafted out. I’m having difficulty reconciling the fact that I am ridiculously and pant-wettingly excited about knitting Dandelion with yarn I MADE, and having not a huge amount of knitting mojo to actually pick it up and knit it. I keep looking at it and stroking it and being amazed by how lovely it is and all that, but moving the needles and doing the knitting isn’t happening.

I started it on Wednesday, and I know I have been busy and finishing the blanket and going on courses and applying for the joblike things, and cooking and cleaning but I’m not even at the arm decreases yet! It’s sitting beside the sofa and I get an *ooooh* feeling when I look at it, but here I am blogging about not knitting it and still NOT KNITTING IT!

Definitely a bit soft in the head….

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Ups and Downs

The crochet squares were down to eight, I did two, then they went back up to eight…

Whilst looking through the finished squares I came across two that were teeeeeny tiny compared to all the others. I think somehow, somewhen I managed to crochet two squares with a 3mm, rather than a 4mm, hook. DO NOT ASK HOW! All I will say, in my defence, is that on 2 separate occasions whilst making this blanket I was on  a LOT of prescription painkillers…

Coffee with GoD Lady and H was lovely. I had a pear and almond tart. Unfortunately, I had already eaten it before I thought about taking any pictures. I did a tiny bit of crochet and finished GoD Lady’s spinning, I was a bit crocheted out and she was a bit spun out, so it worked out nicely.

No Lovely Bloke this evening, he apparently ‘has a thing’. I’m hoping he meant a family commitment/work thing and not a strange growth or disease.

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I have had 2 whole glasses of wine and I don’t drink, so you may have to excuse me. I may be drunktalking, it’s like sleepwalking but stupider.

We spend our whole lives hiding our crazy, from the world, and sometimes even from ourselves. We all have our own crazy, if you say you don’t, and truly believe that, then THAT is your crazy.

We don’t tell people how we really feel cuz they’ll think we are dumb (for dumb read mental). We have quirks, we like things done a particular way or hate it that others do things differently, like leaving the fridge door open while they pour milk into their coffee and not close it then reopen it to put the milk away, or take too much butter then scrape it back off the toast and back into the butter dish. We laugh at other people’s crazy whilst fearing that they will discover our own particular brand.

Today I have shared some of my crazy, any of you feel like sharing a little bit of yours?

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Coffee, Cake and Curses.


Worse than the Gloves of Doom, is the Hat of Cursedness. GoD Lady seems to have a knack of finding stuff that doesn’t work. She and I chat on line most days, and the other day, she said, “I cannot get this hat to work. I dunno if it’s using DPNs after a long time of using circs or what, but could you cast it on and maybe do a couple of rows?”  “Sure, I said, bring it on Friday.” I duly cast on and lost count, then realised I hadn’t left enough of a tail, ripped it back and let out a bit more yarn.. long tail cast on again… kept losing count, so got GoD lady’s husband (who joined us for a change – and we will call Bear as that’s his nickname) Bear to count, “99st” he said. I cast on one more st, then had a moment, I couldn’t work out how to knit in the round…

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said.

I figured it out and we chatted, as I got to the second dpn, I realised I was knitting, and that I had knit the entire first needle, “So what?”, I hear you cry.. I should have been doing k2 p2 rib….

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said. This time I joined in.

I tink it back. I rib. I end up with one stitch left…. I check, I have LOST a stitch somewhere.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

As I check the stitches, they start slipping off the ends of the dpns.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

In the end I gave up and brought it home. I will cast it on again and do the rib, and run over to her house and throw it at her at somepoint in the next couple of days, and as I do I will shout,

“Take it away. It’s CURSED!”

Today we have cake and coffee pictures to chase away the curses.

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I Should Be Dizzy

It’s only Wednesday lunchtime, and since Monday afternoon I’ve spun four and a half drop spindles full of yarn and plied 2 of those. I admit it, I have a serious fibre habit. Soon I’ll be attending Spinners Anonymous meetings, friends and family will be hunting my loo cistern for hidden baggies of merino and alpaca and I shall be hunting through hedgerows hoping sheep have brushed up against them and discarded lumps of fleece amid the thorny brambles. I shall be shaving the cats and buying weird books about creating yarn from cat hair, and end up alone suffocating on fibre with only my bald cats for company.

Sounds like fun to me….


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