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So things have been busy.. well my brain has been busy. There has been no knitting mojo. The good news is that I will be starting work on October 8th, and I will have about an hour of travelling each way. This will give me LOADS of knitting time, even if it will only be small projects on circs (the bus is full of students going to the Vet School, so not much elbow or needle room). I will be taking Baarbara to live at work, as there are plenty of other sheep there for her to play with.

I am very excited about the new job (and not just for the yarn pennies), shadowing and chat with one boss (I will have 2) yesterday went really well, we seem to be very similar in the way we think and work, which is reassuring.


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In which our heroine blinds them with science

I have been a little busy.

I got an email last week inviting me for an interview, so there’s been lots happening, and lots of excitement. I did a mock interview on Friday and that went amazingly well, and gave me a little boost and calmed my nerves for the real deal on Tuesday.

I thought the interview went well, and really, my only concern was that someone else would do better and trump me, but no, I got a call late this afternoon offering me the position and I accepted!

All the details need ironed out, I need to get the formal letter and we need to work out the start date, but after 2 1/2 years I will be working. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Oddly this will be both the second time I have taken on a brand new post and had 2 different line managers, the last time was my previous post. I’ve asked if I can go in and do a bit of shadowing next week just to get an idea of what my bosses actually do, it’ll be nice to see them in action whilst not having to concentrate on doing any actual work, as I think once I start I might be so busy I won’t have time to take it all in. My brain can only take so much in at a time. I expect to be thoroughly exhausted even observing.

The only blot on the landscape is that I seem to be coming down with a cold, which sucks mightily, I can’t remember the last one I had.

*sniffs sniffily*


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In other news..

I have a job interview on Tuesday!

I seriously hope they aren’t looking for a whizz typist. I get by, but between not having done much in the way of typing for over 2 years, and the fact I don’t actually touch type, I think I’d fail that part of any typing test. Hey ho, I shall just have to blind them with my wit and charm.

We shall see what happens, no point in getting too worked up, I will either get it or not, and worrying is likely to push that over into not rather than helping. Being so nervous you can’t speak is not good for interviews.

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I have not forsaken you!

Job stuff took over the whole of last week, this weekend I have been catching up on cleaning and laundry. I have not looked at knitting, spinning or crocheting.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some crafty things… honest…

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Blogging Fail

It’s been a few days since I last posted. You haven’t missed much to be honest. I have had some blanket snuggling time which has been nice, I’m up past the armpits on Dandelion too.

Lovely Bloke has been for a visit. I hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks. I missed him. We had a lovely lunch out on Monday at the Mosque Kitchen, sat on the sofa, watched TV and he put up with my grumpiness.  Other than that I have either been filling out job applications, thinking about filling out job applications, writing various versions of supporting statements, running about getting job descriptions printed off and contacting people about references or for advice. Tomorrow I get to sit on a bus to the other side of the city to hand deliver an application. I don’t want to risk it getting delayed in the mail and it’s due in for Friday. I am taking a book and not thinking about jobs for a few hours because in the afternoon I head to a Job Club and look at/apply for more jobs!

The last 2 1/2 years have been challenging and difficult. My health dropped in to a huge hole, I’ve taken so many painkillers, had 2 lots of surgery, and had times where I could barely sit up, never mind stand up.

I think to find work I need to make looking for work my job. The DWP ask that you do at least 3 things each week to find work, for me that’s Friday to Friday. You list them on a form, when you did a search, when you sent off an application etc. Since Friday I have done 14 things on my sheet, I’ve actually run out of space, on the form and had to start writing on a piece of paper, and those 14 things do not include the application I have for tomorrow, nor the half completed one I did this morning. I have another 4 to do and send off by the end of the month, and I may find a few more tomorrow at Job Club.

If I apply for enough eventually it’ll happen, I’m sure the law of averages says so.

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Done and Done

So it’s DONE!

*sets off streamers and would open Champange if she had any*

And here’s a sneak peek at Dandelion


Now off to be a good girl and sort out my Job Seeking stuff for the last 2 weeks. I have to write it all down and find something to apply for tomorrow  at the course.

Play nice.


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Phase One Complete

Operation Blanket is a go.

I am on a mission.

I have sewn the 144 blanket squares into 9 16 patch squares.

I have laid out the patches and decided where they will go in  the completed blanket.

The mission for tomorrow is to at least sew those 16 patch squares into three strips, and by the end of Thursday to have sewn those strips into a completed blanket.

More complicated as I do actually have housework and a special survey to do tomorrow, the course on Wednesday and to do my allotted job searching and applying. I’d do some tonight but the course today left me with only enough energy to get cat food on the way home, cook and eat dinner, make the placement decision and write this post.

I think there’s an early night with my name on it in the very near future.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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