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Hard Graft?

I decided that I was just being silly about the grafting, so I got out my darning needle, popped a guide to Kitchener on the screen and just got on with it. I can’t say I *like* grafting any more than I did before, but it’s done and I am now getting on with joining in the sides of the flower.

As you can see it’s starting to look like an actual glove, and you can see the lack of cast on edge at the cuff.


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Gussets and Grafting

Right, I have managed to start the thumb gusset . I get the increases, and am now set up to graft in the flower.

I HATE Kitchener, and I am finding it even more confusing as with only one knit row, I can’t see what the stitches are doing and also, it’s not a sock toe. I have slipped the flower stitches on to a dpn so I can hold it LIKE a sock toe, but my brain says NO, this is WRONG! No fault of the pattern and totally a fault in my brain.

I have messaged GoD Lady and asked her to do the Kitchener.

I still haven’t worked out where row 62 has gone, but I’m only on 42 so I have a while to work on that.

It’s actually a shame I have to stop, as I really want to get on and do these now.

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