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Who do these hands belong to?

Some days I wake up and am convinced my fingers migrated hands overnight. I drop things, knock things over and am generally more clumsy than usual (and that is some feat, let me tell you).
Today I feel more like I have entirely the wrong hands. My cast on is rubbish, there was a hole in the knitting, and by the third row, I had a spare stitch….
Can I have my own hands back please?


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You’ll notice I neglected to mention..

… that I’m off to buy knitting needles tomorrow as I don’t have the right length circulars for Daisy.

Daisy may take even longer than the Gloves of Doom… Having looked at the pattern several times I still have no clue what to do, I think this may be a learn as you go pattern. Charts are not my strong suit, neither is colour work*.

*may be in a losing battle before I start, also may be knitting this for the next 10 years


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