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A little colour for a grey day


Today I have managed to muster a little mojo, and we have my version of Multnomah. The plain knit section is finished and I am about to start the feather and fan border.

The yarn is some Posh Elinor (colour Glenlogie) which was a gift from the GoD Lady.


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Bananas and orange squash

These seem to be making up a large part of my diet the last few days.

Orange squash to relieve the boredom, of what feels like gallons, of water, and bananas as I have to take my pills with food, and given they make me feel sick, and I am on a diet, a banana wins as palatable, non-vom-inducing food for first thing and last thing of the day.

Not entirely convinced, these pills are the right pills. Course 3 of something else might be required, but at least they can do tests and make sure that one is right.

All knitting has lost its shine. I have been snuggling cats and watching films and TV.

Joints also misbehaving so, although not utterly miserable, I can’t say that I am full of the joys of spring.

Not even the promise of a fridge (next Tuesday) that won’t freeze anything unlucky enough to make it to the back of a shelf cheers me… Although the scent of the subsequent Waitrose order to fill it and the freezer is starting to make my nose twitch.

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Back to the knitting

Still slogging through the Kiri shawl. I only started it so that I could help a friend knit it, then she decided to go with another pattern. I’m on the 12th repeat – which is as many as I did on the other version I did in lace weight – the one kidnapped by a certain GoD lady (must sew in ends of this one). I am wondering how many more repeats to do, or can stand to do. Although it’s quite a relaxing knit, I am getting bored.

The Dandelion is nearly done, I just have to crochet the edging on one sleeve, and find buttons. It’s still a bit big though – I have lost so much weight since I cast it on – even in the smaller size.

I definitely do not have enough brain to attempt the Gloves of Doom, or Daisy.

Other knitting things include dressing the rabbit I knitted for J’s grandson, at this rate he’ll be starting school before he has a waistcoat and jacket – the rabbit, not the child.

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You don’t have to have mojo to knit here but it helps…

I’m still not feeling the intense knitting love, but I have been knitting anyway, and my hands are starting to fell that itch of inactivity I associate with mojo. That dissatisfaction that comes when you aren’t doing, when your hands are too still, when you don’t have that background row or stitch count running as part of the sound track to the film or TV show you’re watching. Film 4 are being very accommodating this past while by showing Studio Ghibli movies in the mornings. Tales from Earthsea has just started on plus one, must go knit…

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Missing Mojo

I just don’t seem to be able to get going with anything these days. Although I am having flashes of wanting to do stuff in the last couple of weeks.

I did manage to do a little of the cowl I’m knitting with GoD Lady, but it’s languishing again on the table. Sunday night I plied the Shetland and Texel singles that have been sitting around for months.

Today my batt of Jacob arrived. I need to get my bum in gear and either finish the Shetland that’s on my spindle or wind it off and keep it for another day. I desperately want to get spinning the Jacob. I also bought yarn for a cardigan, which means I should try to finish the dandelion…..

Some folk do rain dances to make it rain, maybe I need to do a knitting mojo dance to have inspiration fall on my head.

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I’ve been sick for two weeks. I still sound like a man, or a phone sex operator… I have literally been in bed for eleven days. Normally I manage to get on to the sofa with blankies, but I’ve just felt rubbish. I even had to miss out on the spinning class I’d booked at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival last Saturday.

I have done some knitting the past few days though. The BFF cowl I’m knitting with GOD lady (just don’t ask about the GODs).

Hoping I can keep the knitting mojo momentum going. I’ve been yarn fondling and yarn buying… Really should get some stuff finished, ohh but spinning could happen too…. And ooh shiny things… Ohhh look flying monkey….

*runs and hides*

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So things have been busy.. well my brain has been busy. There has been no knitting mojo. The good news is that I will be starting work on October 8th, and I will have about an hour of travelling each way. This will give me LOADS of knitting time, even if it will only be small projects on circs (the bus is full of students going to the Vet School, so not much elbow or needle room). I will be taking Baarbara to live at work, as there are plenty of other sheep there for her to play with.

I am very excited about the new job (and not just for the yarn pennies), shadowing and chat with one boss (I will have 2) yesterday went really well, we seem to be very similar in the way we think and work, which is reassuring.

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