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In which our heroine blinds them with science

I have been a little busy.

I got an email last week inviting me for an interview, so there’s been lots happening, and lots of excitement. I did a mock interview on Friday and that went amazingly well, and gave me a little boost and calmed my nerves for the real deal on Tuesday.

I thought the interview went well, and really, my only concern was that someone else would do better and trump me, but no, I got a call late this afternoon offering me the position and I accepted!

All the details need ironed out, I need to get the formal letter and we need to work out the start date, but after 2 1/2 years I will be working. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Oddly this will be both the second time I have taken on a brand new post and had 2 different line managers, the last time was my previous post. I’ve asked if I can go in and do a bit of shadowing next week just to get an idea of what my bosses actually do, it’ll be nice to see them in action whilst not having to concentrate on doing any actual work, as I think once I start I might be so busy I won’t have time to take it all in. My brain can only take so much in at a time. I expect to be thoroughly exhausted even observing.

The only blot on the landscape is that I seem to be coming down with a cold, which sucks mightily, I can’t remember the last one I had.

*sniffs sniffily*



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Done and Done

So it’s DONE!

*sets off streamers and would open Champange if she had any*

And here’s a sneak peek at Dandelion


Now off to be a good girl and sort out my Job Seeking stuff for the last 2 weeks. I have to write it all down and find something to apply for tomorrow  at the course.

Play nice.


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Today is Phase Three

Gosh, last night I went to bed at midnight and I didn’t wake up until 11am! I never sleep that long, but it just goes to show that I wasn’t imagining being really tired last night.

I have a thing. As long as I don’t have to be up and out to do *stuff* I can do whatever I like until I have finished my coffee. So I am currently reading Facebook, reading my bloggers and gently poking a bit of knitting I started yesterday. In about half a cup I will go and shower, get dressed and attack the blanket with a darning needle and some yarn. It’s a lovely day outside so I am hoping I can get pictures of the FO (finished object) to post later.

Back to the knitting. Since I couldn’t take the blanket to the course yesterday, and they give us an hour for lunch, I needed something easy to take with me to pass time. My treat for finishing the blanket was to start Dandelion in my handspun. I admit I started it early, BUT oooohhhh! This is SO exciting, I am knitting with yarn I MADE! Also it looks good!  I’m about halfway up the back so far. Pictures of that also to follow.


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Change of Pace, and Fibre

Today I finished, bag one of the merino, it’s sitting waiting to be plyed, before I open bag two, I’ve decided to do something different for a bit and spin the Grey Suffolk.

It’s different from the merino, but not as different as I thought it’d be. I was expecting to be all thumbs, but other than dropping the spindle a couple of times it’s been fun.

I got all my tasks done yesterday… well other than the Gloves of Doom part. Here’s a picture of some plyed merino to distract you from that last comment.

I found the cable for the camera yesterday, not sure if the pictures are better, but the quality of the image is now. Having connected everything up. I also uploaded a whole load of yarn pictures to Ravelry, so I am feeling more virtuous than perhaps I should.

Today is GoD Lady’s birthday, so join me in wishing her many happy returns and many knitting and spinning related presents.

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Wrist distaff, pattern… kind of

I just thought maybe I’d post how I made the distaff.

Using Mirasol Sulka (Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)) in Horseradish (MC) and Cocoa (CC), I used about 25g of each colour, and 6.5mm needles

Using MC I cast on 20 sts using a provisional cast on and left a long tail (enough for a row). In garter stitch I knitted enough rows in the main colour to cover the back of my wrist then started on 2 rows MC, 2 rows CC until it fitted slightly stretched round my wrist.

I picked up the sts from the provisional cast on and knitted a row using the tail so that both ends were at the same side, then holding the needles parallel I knitted a stitch from both needles together, leaving me with a joined tube and live stitches, this formed the cuff.

I then knit about 27 more rows, keeping to the 2 rows of each colour yarn, and cut the yarn, again leaving a long tail.

Using the tail I grafted the sts on my needle to the body of the cuff at the end of the main colour section, and then sewed up the back of the top tube to form a pocket.

You can see pictures in the previous post.

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Spinning last night was frustrating, I kept having to rejoin my fibre to the yarn, and not because I was doing anything wrong per se. I just wasn’t paying attention to what the hanging fibre was doing.

Cushions & pillows may make for a comfy Raa but they are also great at catching my fibre and pulling it so that the thinner drafted section pulls apart and then I swear a lot. Last night I put down my spindle, picked up my needles, grabbed some Mirasol Sulka left overs and knitted a wrist distaff – I’m hoping it works, I haven’t actually picked up my spindle today.


Top view


This is the fibre pocket

It’s so lovely I may just wear it all the time.

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Like a Wheel Within a Wheel

Except without the wheel….

I have a new obsession, all thanks to the same person responsible for the Gloves of Doom.

A few weeks ago I went over and helped Tor sort out her stash, all eleventy million boxes. We used a fairly simple rule of sorting by weight, pulling out and boxing separately stuff that was current or imminent project, popping all her sundries in a box and needlerolling her DPNs. She kindly sent me off with a bag of yarn.. well my trolley as well as a drop spindle. Last Friday she passed me some fibre to have a wee practice on – no point in me buying fibre if I was all thumbs or if I thought it was the most boring thing ever.

I spun, not very well admittedly, but Ooooh and Ahhhhh. I have some TERRIBLE yarn, but I am addicted, and I do feel that I learned stuff, although I also feel guilty as I feel I wasted fibre, which I know is stupid because I LEARNED STUFF. I have to keep repeating it to myself until my heart agrees with my head.

As you may or may not know, I have been ill, and am currently not working., This means I don’t have much in the way of spare cash, so buying more fibre was an issue. I was searching the interwebs frantically for anything I could afford, but wasn’t having much luck, when I got an email form a site that I hadn’t looked at in ages. They were offering free P&P over the Jubilee weekend.. and when I looked they also had a fantastic price for undyed merino tops. I ordered 400g which arrived yesterday… SPINNING!

My Lovely Bloke is a master carpenter, and (unprompted by me, see that’s why he’s lovely and gets capitals) spent a long time last weekend looking at spinning wheel plans. He says he has plans to make me a spinning wheel, I am so excited I could wee myself. Just call me the Spinning Tena Lady.

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