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Jonesing for some stripes

I have a yen for something stripey. I am also pretty certain most of my hand knits will drown me these days (gone from a UK 18 to a 12, although some are probably 16s, still too big), as well as be a bit too warm (thanks menopause). Things with scoop/v necks, short/shorter sleeves, are key, along with lighter fabrics. If you put all these things together you get something like Set Sail by Amanda Jensen.
I had a hunt and found some inexpensive baby bamboo, in DK rather than sport, but not too far off the right weight. I’ll definitely need to swatch


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Slow going

Hands, wrists and shoulders sore (other joints too, but they don’t impact knitting). I’ve managed a few rows a day (have to stop after one and do more later) and have finally finished 14 repeats of the kiri. Starting the edging, not because I need to yarnwise, but because I feel like I’ll never actually get it finished otherwise.

I have bought these patterns, and this and downloaded a few free shawl ones. I have one of Romi’s 7 small shawls booklets already, although I haven’t got round to knitting any (quelle surprise), I do like the patterns, and I have plenty of single skeins to use up. I also like the idea of getting the updates, it’s like a series of small presents over the course of the subscription.

Busy week this week. More Christmas cards needed and need posted, fudge & biscuits need made and bagged, presents need bought and wrapped for Sunday, and I have drinks, dinner, lunch, fat club and the family do to fit in. I’m sure I’m forgetting something…probably more than just one thing, as my brain is still mince. Next week will be quieter.

Hrt continues to be problematic, along with the joints, eyes driving me nuts with their lack of focus, tired a lot and sleep still disturbed, we’ll see whet my GP says on Thursday.

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Give me your answer do…

Cast on Daisy last night. Not my best work on the Channel Islands cast on, but a blind man running for a bus wouldn’t notice anything awry. Started the first section and am stymied on row 2. No way to message the designer so have left a comment on the pattern page. My issue is that the written and charted instructions contradict each other. Chart says yarn back, written says yarn forward, chart says purl, written says knit. This is not looking promising for the rest of the pattern. Only one other person has knit this, and they comment that charts are backwards, and the pattern is impossible to read easily, in one part they say they just looked at the picture and made up their own chart. I think I’ll start looking for an alternative, just in case.

I have sewn up the Dandelion, it needs the crochet edging. I started but ripped it out as it was too wobbly, distorting the front of the cardi. I’ll need to think about it and retry but too tired tonight.

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I sewed the snap fasteners on Baarbara’s dress this morning and here she is in all her glory.

I made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on about 88 sts, did a couple of rows of garter st to reduce curling and it makes a nice edge. The lace is k1, yo, s2kpsso, yo separated by a few rows of stocking stitch. To get the ruffly effect on the skirt I used s2kpsso, k1 to reduce the number of stitches by half in one row then I used it again at the front only on the next knit row. I also moved down a needle size after the decreases as it still seemed a little wide. It was easier to crochet the bodice as it made it all much neater and there were less fiddly ends to sew in, and I used crochet to create a button band down the back edge as well.

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#You Were Always on My Miiind…

You Were Always on Myyy Mind…

I have been thinking about the Gloves of Doom. I need to do something with them. I have put it off forever, well, my head wasn’t in the right place to deal with the horror tbh.

I am going to dig out the pattern and have another look today. I need to find out where the seemingly missing row is. I shall put on my Miss Marple hat and try to solve the mystery, and if that fails I shall message the lovely designer on Ravelry, and ask – although I do best when I work stuff out for myself.

To pen and paper and writing out all the rows on the next part.

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Vroom, splash

I have the F1 practice at Silverstone on TV. I’m on the sofa, with a snuggly shawl and a cup of coffee, I feel so sorry for the racing fans who are facing a cold wet weekend there. It’s a wet day here too, in some respects an improvement on yesterday as it was really close and muggy, at least there’s fresh air today. I’m trying to work up some enthusiasm for heading to the supermarket later on the back of Lovely Man’s bike. If anyone has seen my waterproofs, I’d like to know where they are as I will definitely need them. The rain is relentless.

Not quite conquered the cursed hat, there are about 6 rows of rib done, but I have managed to lie funny on my wrist so not sure if I’ll manage to get any done today – we may drop it off at GoD Lady’s when we go shopping, if she’s in.

Since there will be not a lot of shopping for fibre for a while, I have been popping a load of stuff on to Amazon with the Chrome app so I don’t forget where I see lovely stuff (as I’m using a borrowed netbook atm there’s no point in adding anything to bookmarks). I love that you can add things not listed on Amazon to your Wishlists!

I think I’ve found a project to go along with the spun merino. Dandelion will look good in cream yarn, which I couldn’t see working for other patterns I looked at. I also wanted something with a bit of shape. I am a small, round, shortwaisted lady, with generous boobage, and I can just look like a blob if I’m not careful.. actually I probably look bloblike even when I try not to *sigh*.  I like that on Ravelry you can look at *normal* people wearing the knitwear, you can look for people roughly your own size and shape and see how they look which is much more useful than the often sticklike models pictured on the patterns.

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Wrist distaff, pattern… kind of

I just thought maybe I’d post how I made the distaff.

Using Mirasol Sulka (Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)) in Horseradish (MC) and Cocoa (CC), I used about 25g of each colour, and 6.5mm needles

Using MC I cast on 20 sts using a provisional cast on and left a long tail (enough for a row). In garter stitch I knitted enough rows in the main colour to cover the back of my wrist then started on 2 rows MC, 2 rows CC until it fitted slightly stretched round my wrist.

I picked up the sts from the provisional cast on and knitted a row using the tail so that both ends were at the same side, then holding the needles parallel I knitted a stitch from both needles together, leaving me with a joined tube and live stitches, this formed the cuff.

I then knit about 27 more rows, keeping to the 2 rows of each colour yarn, and cut the yarn, again leaving a long tail.

Using the tail I grafted the sts on my needle to the body of the cuff at the end of the main colour section, and then sewed up the back of the top tube to form a pocket.

You can see pictures in the previous post.

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