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Back to the knitting

Still slogging through the Kiri shawl. I only started it so that I could help a friend knit it, then she decided to go with another pattern. I’m on the 12th repeat – which is as many as I did on the other version I did in lace weight – the one kidnapped by a certain GoD lady (must sew in ends of this one). I am wondering how many more repeats to do, or can stand to do. Although it’s quite a relaxing knit, I am getting bored.

The Dandelion is nearly done, I just have to crochet the edging on one sleeve, and find buttons. It’s still a bit big though – I have lost so much weight since I cast it on – even in the smaller size.

I definitely do not have enough brain to attempt the Gloves of Doom, or Daisy.

Other knitting things include dressing the rabbit I knitted for J’s grandson, at this rate he’ll be starting school before he has a waistcoat and jacket – the rabbit, not the child.


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So things have been busy.. well my brain has been busy. There has been no knitting mojo. The good news is that I will be starting work on October 8th, and I will have about an hour of travelling each way. This will give me LOADS of knitting time, even if it will only be small projects on circs (the bus is full of students going to the Vet School, so not much elbow or needle room). I will be taking Baarbara to live at work, as there are plenty of other sheep there for her to play with.

I am very excited about the new job (and not just for the yarn pennies), shadowing and chat with one boss (I will have 2) yesterday went really well, we seem to be very similar in the way we think and work, which is reassuring.

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Today is Phase Three

Gosh, last night I went to bed at midnight and I didn’t wake up until 11am! I never sleep that long, but it just goes to show that I wasn’t imagining being really tired last night.

I have a thing. As long as I don’t have to be up and out to do *stuff* I can do whatever I like until I have finished my coffee. So I am currently reading Facebook, reading my bloggers and gently poking a bit of knitting I started yesterday. In about half a cup I will go and shower, get dressed and attack the blanket with a darning needle and some yarn. It’s a lovely day outside so I am hoping I can get pictures of the FO (finished object) to post later.

Back to the knitting. Since I couldn’t take the blanket to the course yesterday, and they give us an hour for lunch, I needed something easy to take with me to pass time. My treat for finishing the blanket was to start Dandelion in my handspun. I admit I started it early, BUT oooohhhh! This is SO exciting, I am knitting with yarn I MADE! Also it looks good!  I’m about halfway up the back so far. Pictures of that also to follow.


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Phase One Complete

Operation Blanket is a go.

I am on a mission.

I have sewn the 144 blanket squares into 9 16 patch squares.

I have laid out the patches and decided where they will go in  the completed blanket.

The mission for tomorrow is to at least sew those 16 patch squares into three strips, and by the end of Thursday to have sewn those strips into a completed blanket.

More complicated as I do actually have housework and a special survey to do tomorrow, the course on Wednesday and to do my allotted job searching and applying. I’d do some tonight but the course today left me with only enough energy to get cat food on the way home, cook and eat dinner, make the placement decision and write this post.

I think there’s an early night with my name on it in the very near future.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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There’s a title in my head somewhere

I am tired today, I even had to go for a nap, and I am still a very yawny-faced Raa.

Yesterday I was mostly domestic, in a cleaning and cooking kind of way, but I did find time to sort out the rescue knitting for GoD Lady. The jumper now has armholes, the shoulders are joined and I also picked up all the stitches for the hood and knit in all the wraps, so she’s good to have at it on Friday. Later on I did pick up my spindle but really I just couldn’t find my rhythm and I kept breaking the fibre so I set it aside and spent time with my Lovely Bloke.

Today I had to play a bit of catch up. The dreaded flower from the Gloves of Doom was nagging me – it needs done by Friday so I cut a piece of yarn and duplicated stitches until it ran out, I have half a petal left to do tomorrow. I also decided to ply the GreenBlueYellow single. When I was spinning the last bit I didn’t really think there was enough to warrant making 2 singles so I decided to make one then Andean ply it. Minor trouble, it was really a bit too much, so kept snagging and breaking so there are, unfortunately, a lot of joins  (insert sad face), but it’s done, and tomorrow I may well skein and wash it to set it.  Talking of skeining and washing, I did an experiment.

The other day I was pondering on whether plying fixed everything, so I took a left over piece of a single and set it. It was twisted for plying so it was more twisted than I’d have made it if I had intended to keep it single, but it turned out pretty much OK. I dried it without weighting and it hangs almost straight – there’s a very, very slight drift to the right in the skein, so I all in all I’m pretty happy with my twist.

Today more fibre arrived, I have another 400g of undyed merino from Texere, that should keep me occupied for a wee while at least. I am off to see if there’s a terrible film on I can watch. Be good.

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I think I forgot to mention

There’s more actual yarn. I have another skein of the creamy merino, which I am really quite happy with compared to the first one. It’s better plied, still wraps to 9 per inch, so I guess for the moment that’s my default. I’m not worrying about trying to change that and to be able to learn to do different weights yet. I think getting any yarn even and consistent is what’s called for first, and also I’d like to have a quantity of the same yarn to knit something with. I also have one skein of the green/blue/yellow yarn plied too. I don’t have measurements for the length of either of them yet. GBY yarn is in the bedroom where I hung it out of the way to dry, and I just haven’t got round to reskeining and working out the yardage for the undyed merino yet, although I should poke myself with sharp sticks to get that done as I do have 2 more lots of singles to ply.

Today GoD Lady is at Woolfest, and I couldn’t be more jealous but, being lovely, she has offered to do some shopping for me. If she can, she will get me more of the undyed merino – we don’t know if Texere will have those big bags with them, if not I will just buy it online again – and she’s been given a budget of a few pounds to find me some fibre she thinks I will love, which she can spend regardless of finding merino. Either way I get more fibre which makes me happy. Next year I WILL have a job and I will be able to go to Woolfest and buy everything… well maybe not everything, but lots.

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Happy Summer

The weather here has been a bit rubbish this week, not very Mid-summer like at all. I’m no sun bunny, but dreich and dismal rain isn’t my thing either. I’ve mostly stayed inside and dry. It has given me the chance to do some catching up on blogs though, as well as not having written in mine for a long time until the other week, I have also not been reading others. Reading about all the fab things people have been up to inspired me to do a bit of knitting, Lovely Bloke’s hat has grown by a few inches, he was here and very excited that I was actually knitting something for him for a change. I don’t usually do a lot of crafty stuff when he’s here, I always feel like it’s a bit antisocial, but I’m so used to my hands *doing something* whilst watching tv or listening to music or reading, I felt really odd not to. Restless hands syndrome?

I’m now trying to decide what do do tonight, I have singles I could ply (and 2 stubbies of beer), I have empty spindles I could fill, or I could knit, or crochet. A world of possibilities to procrastinate over, but I guess before I do any of that I should procrastinate over making dinner. I have some bargalicious, reduced to clear, organic beef to roast. Mmmmm….

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