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Ooops, it’s been a week….

Life has been interesting. My brain has been poking me and making me hibernate a little, and then the meal I ate on Friday came back to haunt me at about 3 am. Pretty sure it’s safe to eat again today, but it’s probably best if I keep it simple.

I met GoD Lady on Thursday last week, she is a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! She denied me my socks, but she cast on a new shawl! BAD GoD Lady!

Personally, I have barely looked at anything much this past week. I did ply those singles, and I did knit a sleeve of the stripey shrug, and I joined it at the sholders and joined the neck, with kitchener stitch I might add. My spindle has been pretty neglected though, I already had a single and need a second and to ply them before I can look at doing any of the Shetland and I have only done a tiny bit. Given I have a job application to do this week, either I will get nothing done or I will procrastinate and spin my hands off. I really want the job. I need to overhaul my CV, and write a new kick ass personal statement and covering letter. I am very out of practice and I am not very good at talking myself up so…. *looks at spindle* I’ll be submitting the application at the end of this week, so I’d appreciate you all crossing your fingers for me if you don’t mind, although if you need your fingers for something else that’s OK, I wouldn’t want anyone to have an accident.


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In Denial

I was texting GoD lady this morning just to check the recipient of the Cursed Hat was still alive and well (so far she is suffering no ill effects), I told GoD Lady that I had finished Lovely Bloke’s hat and was contemplating casting on a pair of socks. She replied NO! It turns out that she thinks I should actually finish some other projects before I start a new one! UNHEARD OF! So now I am in sock denial and have cast on the first sleeve of my stripey shrug. I did have a look at the GoD, but reading the next bit of the pattern made my head hurt, it will take a few more readings before I feel strong enough to attempt it.

In other news, I managed to actually tidy my stash on Friday afternoon, my Shetland fibre arrived and I had a small attack of evil tonsils meaning I slept a large part of the rest of the weekend. Poor Lovely Bloke spent the weekend doing most of the cooking and coffee making, but I did manage to make breakfast this morning, and he is very happy his hat is finished, it’s drying right now so I will have to wait to post pictures until he’s down next weekend.

I am trying to decide if I have enough energy to ply Merino singles whilst watching Miss Marple this evening. I have 2 singles on bobbins, and a spindle full too, I’d like to free up the spindle so I can have a go at spinning some of the Shetland. I think what I really need is a nice pot of tea and to see if I can find anything edible for supper before rushing into any decisions.

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A Break for Blogging and Crumble.

I’m having a wee sit down, not that I’ve done much really today, but I forgot to eat and I’m starving. I am being naughty and having some pudding. I made apricot and nectarine crumble last night so I’m warming some up to have with some coffee.

I have a list of things to get on with today. So far I’ve had a look at GoD Lady’s socks and emailed her my findings, and started plying some of the merino singles. Once that’s done I shall endeavour to work out where I am on the Gloves of Doom (and maybe do some work on them if I’m not at the grafting point). I also need to measure the Green/Blue/Yellow yarn, which is now dry, then I may wind the merino to a skein and  wash  and set it.

Must remember to eat again later, and not just pudding.

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There’s a title in my head somewhere

I am tired today, I even had to go for a nap, and I am still a very yawny-faced Raa.

Yesterday I was mostly domestic, in a cleaning and cooking kind of way, but I did find time to sort out the rescue knitting for GoD Lady. The jumper now has armholes, the shoulders are joined and I also picked up all the stitches for the hood and knit in all the wraps, so she’s good to have at it on Friday. Later on I did pick up my spindle but really I just couldn’t find my rhythm and I kept breaking the fibre so I set it aside and spent time with my Lovely Bloke.

Today I had to play a bit of catch up. The dreaded flower from the Gloves of Doom was nagging me – it needs done by Friday so I cut a piece of yarn and duplicated stitches until it ran out, I have half a petal left to do tomorrow. I also decided to ply the GreenBlueYellow single. When I was spinning the last bit I didn’t really think there was enough to warrant making 2 singles so I decided to make one then Andean ply it. Minor trouble, it was really a bit too much, so kept snagging and breaking so there are, unfortunately, a lot of joins  (insert sad face), but it’s done, and tomorrow I may well skein and wash it to set it.  Talking of skeining and washing, I did an experiment.

The other day I was pondering on whether plying fixed everything, so I took a left over piece of a single and set it. It was twisted for plying so it was more twisted than I’d have made it if I had intended to keep it single, but it turned out pretty much OK. I dried it without weighting and it hangs almost straight – there’s a very, very slight drift to the right in the skein, so I all in all I’m pretty happy with my twist.

Today more fibre arrived, I have another 400g of undyed merino from Texere, that should keep me occupied for a wee while at least. I am off to see if there’s a terrible film on I can watch. Be good.

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Luck, judgement, or…

Does plying right all wrongs?

I haven’t looked at how balanced my singles are (although I do have a bit of one left over from plying last night so I *could* try it), but I have to say, the resulting yarn I am making does seem balanced (even before it’s washed to set twist). I’m not sure if this is just the effect of plying and it just works that way, or if I’m actually managing to ply well. I’ve seen picture in books of skewed skeins, it just doesn’t seem to have happened to me… should I add a yet, just to scare away the jinx?

Meeting GoD lady for coffee later, still not a Friday….

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More on plying

I was just too tired last night to say what I wanted to.

I now know why you don’t ply 2 skeins from the same swift. Even though you think you’ve wound them with the same tension etc they end up all over the place, with the vagaries of twist and stuff. I was saved from disaster as I used the tension mast from my ball winder to feed the singles through. It’s possible that with 2 swifts and the tension mast I’d do better. I know normally people ball up yarn for plying, but soooo much winding. Also I need some kind of Lazy Kate, the old box from my bike helmet with slots cut into it is a bit too wide and a shoe box (which I was loathe to part with anyway, as I keep SHOES in them) was too narrow, and that exhausted my available box options. As I was plying, I tried to keep the yarn at a point where when I let it go next to itself it didn’t spiral together, or at least not too much, and once it was skeined it seemed to balance, but it’s a pretty loose twist and it’s entirely possible I could have got away with more. This is only my second week of spinning though so I can’t expect the know everything all at once, especially just through trial and error. More reading required.

I set the twist in the bathroom sink, first wetting I used a bit of shampoo, as that was what I had to hand, thought the book said washing up liquid. I rolled it dryish in a towel then rinsed and rerolled (fresh towel)  it’s looped round a coat hanger to dry but is getting moved about to dry it as evenly as possible. Once it’s dry I’ll rewind it – umbrella swift to daisy – then measure it so I know how much I ended up with and to get a tidier skein. It seemed much more than 200 yards while I was doing it, but I had had beer for the last bit, so my perception may have been off.

I’m hoping I can scrape enough yarn pennies together to buy another bag of tops, as 800g of yarn might just be enough to knit something substantial, no matter what the WPI end up at, and I’d really like a garment as opposed to an accessory out of this.

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