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I had a bit of a late start yesterday, but I got all the blanket squares sorted out so the colours were evenly spread between the remaining 6 16 square patches. I only managed to get one sewn together though. Today I am off to a flying start and already have one done and  have sewn up one strip of the next one. So 5/9 complete and more to come.

Once all the patched squares are done I’ll lay them out and decide where they will end up. Then it’ll be time to decide if I should add a border.

The sewing does take a fair bit more concentration than I expected. I think it might take me a bit longer to sew the whole thing up than I thought, especially as I have a 3 day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) *thing* next week.

As part of getting my Jobseekers Benefit I have to go visit a company employed by the Govt to help me find work. As part of that I have been invited to attend something called an Embark Workshop, there will be a group of us sharing hints and tips, looking at CVs etc. Hopefully it’ll be useful, if nothing else it will provide some impetus, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

There wasn’t any Coffee this week, no cake either and with me being busy and GoD Lady back at school, I don’t know when the next one will be. No Lovely Bloke this weekend or possibly next either. You can’t see it but I am making my sad face.



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No more Crocheting for a While

I finished the blanket squares on Saturday.  It was a bit of an anticlimax, as all I could think about was blocking them and sewing them together. I’m hoping to have the blocking part done this week. I really need to count how many there are left and then I’d know how many times I’d need to fill the board – it takes 14 squares which is lucky as I only have enough berry pins to pin out 14 squares. Although I’ve sewn 3 panels already, I’ve decided to wait until all the squares are blocked before I sew any more. I want to make sure that I have a good spread of colours.

Two years ago I bought a kitten, she was a tiny terror, she’s still a terror, but much less tiny. Two years ago I had a huge goosefoot plant. My gran also had one, she told my uncle that when she passed I was to get hers. I’d ended up buying a huge pot and I replanted both into it.. then the kitten happened. She was obsessed with digging it up, I replanted bits, but eventually she’d broken so much of it it wasn’t worth doing, then I caught her peeing in it… I flushed the soil  through about 10 times then I placed a board over the top. The kitten went into heat just after that, and I could only afford to get her fixed at the PDSA (charity vet). They had a 3 month wait. The kitten pee’d outside the litter tray every time she went into heat. Luckily not on the carpet, though I did end up with much dirtier laundry, and it was a battle to keep her out of the plant pot. The plant survived, but it really wasn’t well. Last year it produced only about 5 new leaves. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be the same. It looked pathetic, this tiny plant in an enormous pot. This year it’s going a bit mad, it’s throwing out leaves like there is no tomorrow. Finally there were enough leaves I could take a cutting, and it rooted! It’s still not filling the pot like it used to, but I know it’ll get there. It was odd, when I thought the plant might die it felt like losing my gran all over again, now I feel like she’ll never be totally gone.

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Sticks and String

Whoosh. The left front of my coat is done. The back is also finished and I have sewn the shoulder seam. The yarn does not like being used for sewing up, it took 3 attempts before it didn’t break.. and I thought Noro was temperamental.

Rather than knit the right front, I’ve decided to go with a sleeve. Sleeves often feel endless. The getting bigger, before getting smaller, every row taking longer than the last, then a quick finish you don’t have time to appreciate. Knit one after the other sleeves can make me lose the will to live, therefore, I am splitting them up. This also has given me time to think about moving buttonholes.

My one concern is that this sleeve seems enormously wide, I guess we’ll see how it pans out.

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Needle cases

I have been contemplating making a knitting needle roll. I think the main thing stopping me from actually doing it is that I’d have to do SO much first

Put away the swift and winder.

Clear space under the desk for my legs, feet and the sewing machine foot pedal.

Crawl under the desk to plug in the sewing machine (and unplug the winder).

Get out the ironing board of doom.

Design needle roll.

Choose fabric.

Press fabric.

Then there is all the cutting, tacking, sewing and pressing to make the darned thing *sigh* Not to mention all the clearing up after. If I am going to do this I should make a few to make it all worthwhile… suppose I should get designing.  I feel presents occurring.

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When I knit, I blog….

So this morning saw me treating myself to breakfast in La Cerise. Two double shot lattes and an almond croissant later the back of the Fire & Brimstone was finished!

If only I’d taken a stitch holder with me I’d have started the front.

Home now and about to start sewing the Smoke Alarm together, but the cat has to get off my lap first…

EDIT: So glad I remembered I need to sew the sleeves on the correct sides BEFORE I started sewing

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I’m now on holiday for a week

I’m hoping that means I actually pick up needles and get something done!

Actually, I’ve taken the pieces of the Smoke Alarm cardi out of their bag and I’m looking to block them. Once that’s done it’s a little sewing up, a collar and a little more sewing to get it finished.

I’m hoping a finished project will catapult me in to a knitting frenzy. I mean Scotland, in summer.. you need all the knitwear you can get your hands on….

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Still no knitting done

But my stash has a new place to live, it may need more room though, as it’s a little crammed in and I still have 3 bags of stuff to sort out. Then again once I get back to actually doing some knitting/finishing something that will make room.

It’s not like I have some kind of yarn addiction or something… *goes off to Ecoknits to see what’s new*

My knitting books, magazines and patterns have a home too. Soon there will be desk sorting and the sewing machine and yarn winder will no longer be stuffed in my sewing machine carrier!

I’m very tired after being back at work for 3 half days. I have done some stuff tonight, but I think it’s time to recall that “Tomorrow is another day”.

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