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No blocking yet

I’ve got some friends over tomorrow, not enough room in this tiny flat for people and blocking knitting.

I do have some mojo back though and I also have housework to do.. doesn’t this sound like the ideal opportunity to knit?

It’ll have to be Fire and Brimstone as I don’t have any other knitting *WsIP atm (I refuse to count the unfinished pairs of socks). I’ll  admit, I have NO idea where I am with this sweater as it’s been so long since I looked at it. I *think* I’m on the front, but I am willing to be pleasantly surprised. The only other thing I need to do is remember where I put the bloomin’ thing 🙂

*It has to be Works In Progress, I cannot make myself say WIPs



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Still Alive…. Still at Mum’s

Well still here, still knitting a cardi, but left off to knit mum a pair of Bedsocks. The pattern calls for a worsted weight knit in 4.5mm needles, they definitely knit themselves, I was all done in 24hrs.. Mum is wearing them, with her feet up on the sofa and says they are wonderfully warm.. I’ll get a pic soon.

Cardi is coming along, but I have been busy running around trying to get things sorted out, so haven’t been knitting it every evening.

Flat is in Limbo still. everything is waiting on the Housing Association accepting the bids from their insurers, and the work going ahead for them, before there’s any point in my guys coming in and working. My old bed went today so there is at least room for manouvering furniture. I really just want to move back home! *sigh*

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