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In Denial

I was texting GoD lady this morning just to check the recipient of the Cursed Hat was still alive and well (so far she is suffering no ill effects), I told GoD Lady that I had finished Lovely Bloke’s hat and was contemplating casting on a pair of socks. She replied NO! It turns out that she thinks I should actually finish some other projects before I start a new one! UNHEARD OF! So now I am in sock denial and have cast on the first sleeve of my stripey shrug. I did have a look at the GoD, but reading the next bit of the pattern made my head hurt, it will take a few more readings before I feel strong enough to attempt it.

In other news, I managed to actually tidy my stash on Friday afternoon, my Shetland fibre arrived and I had a small attack of evil tonsils meaning I slept a large part of the rest of the weekend. Poor Lovely Bloke spent the weekend doing most of the cooking and coffee making, but I did manage to make breakfast this morning, and he is very happy his hat is finished, it’s drying right now so I will have to wait to post pictures until he’s down next weekend.

I am trying to decide if I have enough energy to ply Merino singles whilst watching Miss Marple this evening. I have 2 singles on bobbins, and a spindle full too, I’d like to free up the spindle so I can have a go at spinning some of the Shetland. I think what I really need is a nice pot of tea and to see if I can find anything edible for supper before rushing into any decisions.


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Domestic Goddess Failure

I need to tidy my stash, it was OK then projects got stuffed in there, yarn got yanked out. patterns got looked for… and well it’s a mess.

I don’t have that much yarn. I *know* Ravelry says I have 54 items and I *know* that’s not all of it listed and I know there’s at least enough to make a sweater in one yarn.. or two, but really, it’s a modest amount, a mere drop in the ocean of GoD lady’s stash (she has 16 million boxes I *swear*). It’s only about 120 balls/skeins MAX.

Right now I can’t even tell what’s in there.

Today I had good intentions I picked all the bits off the floor and I vacuumed the living room and then, I stuffed all the bits off the floor on to the shelves and put away the vacuum cleaner….

Maybe if I make a pot of tea I’ll feel more like it?

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Vroom, splash

I have the F1 practice at Silverstone on TV. I’m on the sofa, with a snuggly shawl and a cup of coffee, I feel so sorry for the racing fans who are facing a cold wet weekend there. It’s a wet day here too, in some respects an improvement on yesterday as it was really close and muggy, at least there’s fresh air today. I’m trying to work up some enthusiasm for heading to the supermarket later on the back of Lovely Man’s bike. If anyone has seen my waterproofs, I’d like to know where they are as I will definitely need them. The rain is relentless.

Not quite conquered the cursed hat, there are about 6 rows of rib done, but I have managed to lie funny on my wrist so not sure if I’ll manage to get any done today – we may drop it off at GoD Lady’s when we go shopping, if she’s in.

Since there will be not a lot of shopping for fibre for a while, I have been popping a load of stuff on to Amazon with the Chrome app so I don’t forget where I see lovely stuff (as I’m using a borrowed netbook atm there’s no point in adding anything to bookmarks). I love that you can add things not listed on Amazon to your Wishlists!

I think I’ve found a project to go along with the spun merino. Dandelion will look good in cream yarn, which I couldn’t see working for other patterns I looked at. I also wanted something with a bit of shape. I am a small, round, shortwaisted lady, with generous boobage, and I can just look like a blob if I’m not careful.. actually I probably look bloblike even when I try not to *sigh*.  I like that on Ravelry you can look at *normal* people wearing the knitwear, you can look for people roughly your own size and shape and see how they look which is much more useful than the often sticklike models pictured on the patterns.

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Busy Bee and Surgery

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last posted.

I have had my visitor come and go, been to the cinema, made brownies, been over to friends for drinks, helped other friends move house, been to the Meadow’s Festival and had my hospital appointment. I have also started a shawl four times, frogged it four times and thrown yarn (admittedly back in to my stash and not across the room).

I am having knitting fail, it’s worse than losing your mojo. Not feeling like doing any knitting I can deal with, I have lots I can do instead, but WANTING to knit and having nothing you pick up go right makes me very cross with myself. Right now I have doubts I could even manage stocking stitch effectively. It’s depressing.

I have had too much nature. Allergies and sun rash, much husky voicedness.

I saw a new doctor (although he assured me we had met before in 2006 when he was a student – I assume his name is in my notes, and not that he remembered me (unless I have particularly memorable lady parts)). He seems nice, is very interested in endometriosis, it’s causes and treatments, and also runs a pain clinic specifically for gynae issues. I should be going in for some surgery about eight weeks. I’m not going to go into gory detail here, but I will be having a laparoscopy to remove endomeriosis deposits and endometrial ablation – if you want to look these procedures up then on your own head be it, I don’t want any complaints though.

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Post funk.

Things are poddling along. Benefits now sorted out, although I’m not sure I cancelled a standing order in time, so may need to poke HA for a refund at some point. Feel I can now relax a little. My biggest chore now is to catch up on the laundry – if the EU had a laundry mountain to go with their butter mountain & milk lake of past years, people would look at my flat and think it was being stored here. I frogged the grey gloves, because I had dropped a stitch waaaay back on the increases, and with the slipped stitches it seemed easier to reknit them that try to work it out.

More yarn to wind, I got more grey to make hat/scarf to go with the gloves, although I managed to order Aarni instead of Maahinen… it’s natural undyed from the same sheep so the colour matches so it’ll be fine. I also have my NDS precious lace to wind.

I’m hoping my lace head sorts out soon I could do with having something pretty to knit as well as something practical, especially as I have all this lovely yarn to use. Maybe I have too much choice, hence my inability to start and stick with anything.

When I started knitting again, I was determined not to have a big stash of yarn, I was going to buy yarn for specific projects. I was going to knit them and move on to new yarn and a new pattern. Then I started planning in advance and bought yarn for *future projects*.. then I changed my mind and bought yarn for something else, then I’d just see yarn I loved and bought it and, slowly but surely, I ended up with a stash. I now have a specific area just for all my knitting paraphernalia.

Insidious stuff this yarn.

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If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk…

Well I’ve actually been camped out in the living room with blankies & pillows, watching movies for the last couple of days.

I haven’t had the inclination to do anything – even knit. Today though, having gone back to bed for a nap, and feeling like I have a little more oopmph, I’ve been uploading photos, to make a mosaic of some of the promised pictures. Here are some of the nicer things from the last couple of weeks.

Yarn, stewed fruit, fruit crumble, my new hairdo, pepper seedlings, a tidy desk, tidy yarn store, and cupcakes.

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Knitting fuel

I finally gave up with the DeLonghi coffee machine today, although it still works, it has *issues*. I cannot survive in a world without fresh coffee in the mornings. I can barely believe I couldn’t drink the stuff for 20 years. It now takes at least 2 large shot cups to get me functional, and a macchiato mid afternoon keeps me going until dinner. Without those little lightning bolts of caffeine I’d never be able to knit and a duvet would be my constant companion. This time I kinda pushed the boat out a little on the price (I may even need to stop buying yarn for a while.. yeah like that will ever happen), I bought a very shiny Dualit espressivo. Unlike the DeLonghi it doesn’t make filter coffee, but I think I only used it for that twice anyway. It is also a Which recommended gadget. So far I like it, it heats up fast, makes good coffee and gives a good crema layer.

The coffee machine buying did keep me out later than planned though, I didn’t get home until 5.45pm, and we all know that the NDS update is 5.30pm.. I dropped my bags threw some food at the cat to keep her quiet and fired up the laptop in full expectation of having missed out on ALL the Precious in ANY colour, never mind Gold (notice I’m not linking to the yarn, as it will probably all be gone before you get there :P). I was lucky though I managed to get a skein each of the 4 ply and the lace. Now I really need to decide what the heck I’m going to knit with all this yarn.

Such a long post and actual knitting has barely been mentioned!

I shall rectify that now though. The Gypsy Rose Leaf will have the edging knit tomorrow and be cast off! Hopefully I can get some decent pictures of it then. Although I do realise I keep promising pictures and not providing any, I did look at batteries the other day, but couldn’t remember what I needed them for, it is, of course, the camera.

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