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Lots and lots

It would seem I’ve been a bit busy since I last posted. I plyed my singles, the yarn’s almost dry, I made another 2 lots of singles and plyed them, that yarn has just been washed and is hanging up, AND I reskeined and measured Skein 2 (76 yards).

Once my head worked out that, yes, my swift WILL change angle, so I CAN use it parallel to the floor, it made winding the yarn off the spindle go MUCH faster. It’s amazing how you don’t always work these things out sooner, the skein’s not very neat, but it’ll get redone once it’s dry – there’s always that bit at the start that’s looser as the yarn pulls the swift in as you wind.

My friend didn’t manage to get the merino for me so I’ve ordered that online. Hopefully it will arrive before I manage to finish the fibre I’ve got here.

On top of doing all that I also managed to cook a tasty supper. Adapted from this recipe – I omitted the onion and added bacon.

All in all a very productive weekend.


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More on plying

I was just too tired last night to say what I wanted to.

I now know why you don’t ply 2 skeins from the same swift. Even though you think you’ve wound them with the same tension etc they end up all over the place, with the vagaries of twist and stuff. I was saved from disaster as I used the tension mast from my ball winder to feed the singles through. It’s possible that with 2 swifts and the tension mast I’d do better. I know normally people ball up yarn for plying, but soooo much winding. Also I need some kind of Lazy Kate, the old box from my bike helmet with slots cut into it is a bit too wide and a shoe box (which I was loathe to part with anyway, as I keep SHOES in them) was too narrow, and that exhausted my available box options. As I was plying, I tried to keep the yarn at a point where when I let it go next to itself it didn’t spiral together, or at least not too much, and once it was skeined it seemed to balance, but it’s a pretty loose twist and it’s entirely possible I could have got away with more. This is only my second week of spinning though so I can’t expect the know everything all at once, especially just through trial and error. More reading required.

I set the twist in the bathroom sink, first wetting I used a bit of shampoo, as that was what I had to hand, thought the book said washing up liquid. I rolled it dryish in a towel then rinsed and rerolled (fresh towel)  it’s looped round a coat hanger to dry but is getting moved about to dry it as evenly as possible. Once it’s dry I’ll rewind it – umbrella swift to daisy – then measure it so I know how much I ended up with and to get a tidier skein. It seemed much more than 200 yards while I was doing it, but I had had beer for the last bit, so my perception may have been off.

I’m hoping I can scrape enough yarn pennies together to buy another bag of tops, as 800g of yarn might just be enough to knit something substantial, no matter what the WPI end up at, and I’d really like a garment as opposed to an accessory out of this.

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It’s a wind up….

I bless my yarn winder once again. Every so often I think it was a bit extravagant to have splashed out on an electric winder. I knit, but not *that much* except, then I have nights like last night. I had 6 skeins to wind (I have others but I’m not planning on using them any time soon), not an horrendous amount you might think, well, not unless 3 of them are lace weight.

The lace stuff took a while, even on the electric winder, and one of them got a bit snaggled , so needed fixed, and part of it had to be rewound. The other 3 were just 50g balls so were fast. This morning I added up the metreage out of curiosity and all I can say is, I feel justified. My money was, indeed, well spent. My little machine wound over 3250m of yarn. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken to try to wind it all by hand, or even on a manual winder. I also bless my swift regularly too. In fact today I bless all gadgets, all of the things that make my life easier.

Have a good day.

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I now officially have…

Swift and yarn winder love.

Things didn’t go according to plan initially, but that is because I looked at the internet and didn’t go with my common sense. I now know how to link all the bits together and to stop just before it gets to the end of the skein (else it manages to whip round the mechanism and that’s bad).

I can’t get all the bits clamped to the table & desk and face the right directions so, I have my hand steadying the yarn winder and that works, especially as I want to be right there to turn it off anyway.

It wound the cakes of yarn so fast! and they are very pretty. I wound one skein of Noro Blossom and one of the Clasica.

I may just go mad and ball all the skeins in my stash…

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Insert Swear Word of Your Choice!

I’m almost out of balled yarn for the sweater, so I just tried to wind a skein of the Manos silk blend using my new swift & winder. I’m not sure if it’s because the skein was twisted, but it kept pulling it off the spokes, then getting in to a huge knot, stalling the winder….

I ended up winding the yarn off the swift by hand which worked fine, since I could sort out the snags, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having an electric winder.

I just tried a different yarn and almost ruined a skein – I think getting an umbrella swift might be my only solution. This one here is under £40 I’m just biting the bullet and buying it.

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I am excited

I has swift
The saga of the swift is finally over! Not the greatest picture but I am so happy it’s here.

It’s only a saga due to the Postie. He managed to stick the “You were out” card through the wrong letter box on Christmas Eve, not that I was out of course.. they just rarely bring anything that is too large to go through the letterbox. I am assuming the person at No6 was away for the festive season – why else would they keep the card until Tuesday this week before putting it through my letterbox? Thankfully it was still within the “we’ll keep it 3 weeks before we send it back” phase.

I still need the ball winder – only posted on the 5th – to arrive and I will be content. Still no Heb either, but I am not entirely sure when the lovely Kris at ecoknits posted it.

I blogged too soon! The ball winder just arrived – there may have been screaming, not with excitement though, I was walking past the entry phone when it went off, loudly. I think I jumped about a foot in the air too.


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