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Will it ever end?

The House of Raa is in an uproar. The trip to Ikea yesterday was a HUGE success, I have a new bookcase and a little unit (they were out of the dvd tower in birch). I now have a wall of books and dvds and a huge mess to tidy up.

The exciting part is the little cube unit. It’s by my desk, it will take my yarn winder, all my knitting porn (patterns & books), thread boxes, my sewing machine and some yarn (I hope) this will mean I have a CLEAR DESK, that’s never happened before.

HUGE thanks to Pid and Bear for the trip and help lugging stuff up to the third floor. Cake and pie were not payment enough by half.

Now just to get things back in to some semblance of order before H arrives for dinner….. Eeeep!


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Needle cases

I have been contemplating making a knitting needle roll. I think the main thing stopping me from actually doing it is that I’d have to do SO much first

Put away the swift and winder.

Clear space under the desk for my legs, feet and the sewing machine foot pedal.

Crawl under the desk to plug in the sewing machine (and unplug the winder).

Get out the ironing board of doom.

Design needle roll.

Choose fabric.

Press fabric.

Then there is all the cutting, tacking, sewing and pressing to make the darned thing *sigh* Not to mention all the clearing up after. If I am going to do this I should make a few to make it all worthwhile… suppose I should get designing.  I feel presents occurring.

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It’s a wind up….

I bless my yarn winder once again. Every so often I think it was a bit extravagant to have splashed out on an electric winder. I knit, but not *that much* except, then I have nights like last night. I had 6 skeins to wind (I have others but I’m not planning on using them any time soon), not an horrendous amount you might think, well, not unless 3 of them are lace weight.

The lace stuff took a while, even on the electric winder, and one of them got a bit snaggled , so needed fixed, and part of it had to be rewound. The other 3 were just 50g balls so were fast. This morning I added up the metreage out of curiosity and all I can say is, I feel justified. My money was, indeed, well spent. My little machine wound over 3250m of yarn. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken to try to wind it all by hand, or even on a manual winder. I also bless my swift regularly too. In fact today I bless all gadgets, all of the things that make my life easier.

Have a good day.

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All change :)

I went a bit mad today and totally sorted out my stash. Now instead of 5 drawers and 3 bags of *stuff* I have 5 drawers and ONE bag – excluding my current project bag of course.

I cast on and started the front of the Fire & Brimstone, but I’ve frogged it back, never before happened to me, but the Manos Silk Blend was pooling… even more unusually I was using 2 balls and they both pooled in the same way together >.< must just be the size I’m knitting.. will investigate later how to make it stop.

I tried to ball the skein of lace weight I got with my sub to Yarn Forward, my yarn winder is too rough for it, it seems, and it just snapped, guess I’ll need to think about what to do with it.. may just give it to someone who likes knitting lace  -.o

I also frogged the Sea Breeze and now have (approx) 11 skeins of Noro Silk Garden to find something to do with.

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Still no knitting done

But my stash has a new place to live, it may need more room though, as it’s a little crammed in and I still have 3 bags of stuff to sort out. Then again once I get back to actually doing some knitting/finishing something that will make room.

It’s not like I have some kind of yarn addiction or something… *goes off to Ecoknits to see what’s new*

My knitting books, magazines and patterns have a home too. Soon there will be desk sorting and the sewing machine and yarn winder will no longer be stuffed in my sewing machine carrier!

I’m very tired after being back at work for 3 half days. I have done some stuff tonight, but I think it’s time to recall that “Tomorrow is another day”.

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There is more new yarn in the House of Raa

My Manos Silk Blend arrived from Ecoknits. With 8 skeins Kris just sends you the pillow of yarn she gets, it’s a sight and a half especially in this colourway. All the colours of autumn in one big chunk.

It is amazing.I just want to hug it. I have it in my lap as I type, so I can stroke it, it’s so soft… the cat may be sulking.

Now I have the added pleasure of using the yarn winder some more #squees#. I tell you, with knitting, the joy can be never ending…. especially if you are delighted by such simple things.

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I now officially have…

Swift and yarn winder love.

Things didn’t go according to plan initially, but that is because I looked at the internet and didn’t go with my common sense. I now know how to link all the bits together and to stop just before it gets to the end of the skein (else it manages to whip round the mechanism and that’s bad).

I can’t get all the bits clamped to the table & desk and face the right directions so, I have my hand steadying the yarn winder and that works, especially as I want to be right there to turn it off anyway.

It wound the cakes of yarn so fast! and they are very pretty. I wound one skein of Noro Blossom and one of the Clasica.

I may just go mad and ball all the skeins in my stash…

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