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Today is Phase Three

Gosh, last night I went to bed at midnight and I didn’t wake up until 11am! I never sleep that long, but it just goes to show that I wasn’t imagining being really tired last night.

I have a thing. As long as I don’t have to be up and out to do *stuff* I can do whatever I like until I have finished my coffee. So I am currently reading Facebook, reading my bloggers and gently poking a bit of knitting I started yesterday. In about half a cup I will go and shower, get dressed and attack the blanket with a darning needle and some yarn. It’s a lovely day outside so I am hoping I can get pictures of the FO (finished object) to post later.

Back to the knitting. Since I couldn’t take the blanket to the course yesterday, and they give us an hour for lunch, I needed something easy to take with me to pass time. My treat for finishing the blanket was to start Dandelion in my handspun. I admit I started it early, BUT oooohhhh! This is SO exciting, I am knitting with yarn I MADE! Also it looks good!  I’m about halfway up the back so far. Pictures of that also to follow.



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All Change!

I decided to update my blog theme. The other one was a wee bit boring.

I hope you like this one. I have been looking for days, the same ones over and over, with different colours, layouts levels of pinkness… There are SO many pink themes! I am not sure why.

It’s not that I am adverse to pink in general, it’s just not a colour that springs to mind when I think of myself.

In case you’re curious, all the yarn on the picture comes from the same place. It’s all  sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio.


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Domestic Goddess Failure

I need to tidy my stash, it was OK then projects got stuffed in there, yarn got yanked out. patterns got looked for… and well it’s a mess.

I don’t have that much yarn. I *know* Ravelry says I have 54 items and I *know* that’s not all of it listed and I know there’s at least enough to make a sweater in one yarn.. or two, but really, it’s a modest amount, a mere drop in the ocean of GoD lady’s stash (she has 16 million boxes I *swear*). It’s only about 120 balls/skeins MAX.

Right now I can’t even tell what’s in there.

Today I had good intentions I picked all the bits off the floor and I vacuumed the living room and then, I stuffed all the bits off the floor on to the shelves and put away the vacuum cleaner….

Maybe if I make a pot of tea I’ll feel more like it?

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A Break for Blogging and Crumble.

I’m having a wee sit down, not that I’ve done much really today, but I forgot to eat and I’m starving. I am being naughty and having some pudding. I made apricot and nectarine crumble last night so I’m warming some up to have with some coffee.

I have a list of things to get on with today. So far I’ve had a look at GoD Lady’s socks and emailed her my findings, and started plying some of the merino singles. Once that’s done I shall endeavour to work out where I am on the Gloves of Doom (and maybe do some work on them if I’m not at the grafting point). I also need to measure the Green/Blue/Yellow yarn, which is now dry, then I may wind the merino to a skein and  wash  and set it.

Must remember to eat again later, and not just pudding.

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Lots and lots

It would seem I’ve been a bit busy since I last posted. I plyed my singles, the yarn’s almost dry, I made another 2 lots of singles and plyed them, that yarn has just been washed and is hanging up, AND I reskeined and measured Skein 2 (76 yards).

Once my head worked out that, yes, my swift WILL change angle, so I CAN use it parallel to the floor, it made winding the yarn off the spindle go MUCH faster. It’s amazing how you don’t always work these things out sooner, the skein’s not very neat, but it’ll get redone once it’s dry – there’s always that bit at the start that’s looser as the yarn pulls the swift in as you wind.

My friend didn’t manage to get the merino for me so I’ve ordered that online. Hopefully it will arrive before I manage to finish the fibre I’ve got here.

On top of doing all that I also managed to cook a tasty supper. Adapted from this recipe – I omitted the onion and added bacon.

All in all a very productive weekend.

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I think I forgot to mention

There’s more actual yarn. I have another skein of the creamy merino, which I am really quite happy with compared to the first one. It’s better plied, still wraps to 9 per inch, so I guess for the moment that’s my default. I’m not worrying about trying to change that and to be able to learn to do different weights yet. I think getting any yarn even and consistent is what’s called for first, and also I’d like to have a quantity of the same yarn to knit something with. I also have one skein of the green/blue/yellow yarn plied too. I don’t have measurements for the length of either of them yet. GBY yarn is in the bedroom where I hung it out of the way to dry, and I just haven’t got round to reskeining and working out the yardage for the undyed merino yet, although I should poke myself with sharp sticks to get that done as I do have 2 more lots of singles to ply.

Today GoD Lady is at Woolfest, and I couldn’t be more jealous but, being lovely, she has offered to do some shopping for me. If she can, she will get me more of the undyed merino – we don’t know if Texere will have those big bags with them, if not I will just buy it online again – and she’s been given a budget of a few pounds to find me some fibre she thinks I will love, which she can spend regardless of finding merino. Either way I get more fibre which makes me happy. Next year I WILL have a job and I will be able to go to Woolfest and buy everything… well maybe not everything, but lots.

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So This is my first *real* yarn.

There’s about 181 yards at 9 wpi – bad pic as it was taken with my phone which has a crappy camera.

Some of it could have used more twist, but I’ll know better what I’m looking for the next time.

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