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Serious case of sausage fingers

Small amounts of knitting have been done. Yesterday I helped GoD lady sort out some issues with knitting on prescription drugs. I also fixed a dropped stitch in my Hemlock.

Seriously, dropping a stitch? I really rarely do this. Recently though I have had a rash of them. Remember my sister’s birthday present? Now the Hemlock, and I picked up my 3in1 today and what did I see? Yup yet another dropped stitch. Admittedly the Amitriptyline makes me a little foggy at times, and the pain/pins and needle/numb feeling in my hands means I’m not as dexterous. Today I feel like I have big fat sausage fingers, I keep missing keys on the keyboard, because my fingers aren’t exactly where I think they are.

Ho hum, onwards and upwards…


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I admit I am rubbish at blogging

I am totally rubbish at this keeping up to date malarkey.

It’s like thinking about blogging is the same as doing it. If I could blog with my mind, your feeds would be overloaded with posts.

I frogged Daisy. I was not feeling the love. And so I decided to knit this instead. I stole a ball of yarn out of the hexapuff stash to make up the colours, and have so far knitted….


I am totally feeling the love for this.

I bought a cooker on Tuesday. A lot of my time yesterday was spent stressing over tiles. Turns out I need an extra course of tile behind and above the stove top (it needs to be 750mm and I only have 500mm).  The cooker arrives on the 9th, the tiles need to be up or they won’t install it. cue me stressing. Yesterday I bought the tile, grout and some tools, but the tile cutter is rubbish. It doesn’t score the tile well, although I suspect if the tile was shorter it might work. I (or rather GoD lady with her Amazon Prime magic) have ordered a better cutter, which will be here tomorrow. I only need to cut ONE tile and it is causing me fits. Actually, I will cut 2 and add 2 courses, as future proofing against the legislation changing again.

I have never tiled, so this will be an adventure.

Once I get over the stress of the cooker, I will buy the new fridge freezer.

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